How Bald Are These Tennis Players?

How Bald are the 'Big Four' of Tennis?

With another Wimbledon done and dusted, the result was never really in doubt.  Another one of the 'big four' lifted the famous gold trophy, making sure there is no confusion about which players have dominated this sport for well over a decade.  Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray have been incredible ambassadors for the sport of tennis, and may it long continue.

One thing is for sure, these guys aren't getting any younger, and now that they are all into their thirties, we thought we'd take a closer look at their hairlines rather than their backhands, to see how nature is treating each of them.  Here's how they rank on the Norwood Hamilton Scale...

Roger Federer

At 36 years of age, time has been pretty kind to Roger since he burst onto the tennis scene with his ponytail in the early 2000s.  Now demonstrating receding at the temples and general thinning at the frontal area of his head, we would put Federer down as Norwood 3 heading into Norwood 4.

Potential treatments?  As money is not an option, a hair transplant could be a viable solution for his stage of balding. If he wanted to avoid surgery then he could always opt for natural supplements or topical serums that help strengthen the strands in early stages of hair loss.

Rafa Nadal 

At 31, Rafa Nadal is suffering from a severe case of male pattern baldness, boarding on Norwood 5+.  Nadal has a common condition whereby the thinning occurs across the whole scalp, which is usually the main symptom of female pattern baldness.

Potential treatments?  Apparently Rafa has undergone hair transplantation in late 2016, so we should see the results of his procedure by the end of 2017. Aside from surgery, hair loss exceeding Norwood 4 is very challenging to treat. 

Andy Murray

Now 30, the twice Olympic Gold champion seemed to start the balding process earlier than both Rafa and Roger, but his condition has steadied, somewhat.  Based on his thinning at the temples and slight bald spot on his crown, we would rank Andy at around Norwood 4.

Potential treatments?  Much like Roger, Andy's balding can be treated.  We would recommend natural treatments or even hair laser therapy, coupled with a good Biotin based shampoo.

Novak Djokovic
The Serb is the youngest of the 'Big Four', but only a week younger than Andy Murray.  As far as his barnet is concerned, Novak doesn't seem to be suffering from any form of hair loss - in fact, we're pretty sure he'll get to keep his locks for good!

Some people get all the luck!

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