National Hair Loss Awareness Month

What is National Hair Loss Awareness Month?

For more than a decade, the month of August of every year is designated as Hair Loss Awareness Month. It is essential to understand how much hair loss of various types affects most men and women who are experiencing baldness and thinning hair. The most common condition of this problem is androgenetic alopecia, which is better known as male or female pattern hair loss. Although there are several types of alopecia.

Losing your hair does not all come down to (Male Pattern Baldness) MPB or (Female Pattern Baldness) FPB. National Hair Loss Awareness Month covers a wide range of hair loss types, including baldness that can be caused by illness, and seasonal shedding.

The four weeks of August are purely dedicated to educating men and women about the causes of balding and the different types of treatments available. Also, expect to see some special offers and discounts from companies that specialise in hair loss and thinning hair.

We'll be sure to keep our readers regularly updated with all the latest news, research and special offers happening in and around National Hair Loss Awareness Month. Stay tuned!

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