Autumn Guide for Hair Loss

How to tackle hair loss this autumn

Many of us underestimate the importance of maintaining a good hair health routine throughout the whole year. In fact, the majority of us fail to realise just how important it is to make slight adjustments to our hair care routine during the different seasons of the year - and the season of autumn is absolutely no exception.

Here, we take you through four effective steps that you should take this autumn in order to keep on top of your hair care routine to get the very best out of your hair.


During the hotter months, your hair flourishes, because sunlight triggers hair growth hormones. Autumn, however, brings rapid changes. Hair shedding in autumn is as natural as leaves falling. As the days grow shorter and colder, the roots of your hair go into dormancy and your hair begins to fall with the autumn leaves. Although this is a perfectly natural occurrence during this time of the year, hair loss sufferers should more than ever try to halt the shedding process.

Stay on top of your hair care routine by using well-balanced shampoos with good anti-hair loss beneficiaries such as biotin and collagen. This will give your hair follicles the right amount of protein and nutrients needed for stronger, healthier hair growth.


Your hair will benefit with a simple daily scalp massage that will stimulate your sebaceous oil glands and increase the blood circulation to the scalp. If you're willing to take this step to the next level, you could try massaging an Argan Oil based formula into your scalp, as it is great for overall hair and skin health.


It's no myth - the better you eat, the better your hair will be. To get the best out of your hair and prevent hair fall, make sure you eat plenty of 'hair food' that will give your body the correct nutrients to boost hair growth and prevent unwanted hair loss.

Please see our article 10 Foods That Prevent Hair Loss, to get a clear understanding of what foods and nutrients work best for combating hair loss.


With your hair already in a fragile state during this season, you should really avoid triggering even more damage and fall. So, try to cut down how often you wash your hair - we'd recommend wet washing it 2-3 times a week, maximum. Just remember, this is only a temporary adjustment leading up to the winter months. Once winter season arrives, you'll find your hair sprouting more than ever for that 'winter coat'.

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