Spring Guide for Hair Loss

How to beat hair loss during spring season

Spring is the most anticipated season, and it is easy to see why.  This season also tends to be one of the most beneficial times of the year for our hair - well, for the majority of us, that is.

The majority of men and women experience a strong growth cycle during the end of winter, and beginning of spring. Shedding is perfectly normal, and in most cases does not relate to pattern baldness, but more of a natural process that we experience during the change in climate.

How to prevent hair shedding...

Our hair growth phase is usually at its strongest during the winter months, so it is normal to notice slight shedding as the season transitions. Make sure you use less product in your hair (styling products, dry shampoos etc.) over the spring season, and be sure to cut down on harsh conditioners that could potentially harm your hair and cause it to look thin and tired.  Again, do not grow concerned, as after particularly strong growth over the colder months, your hair is simply going through a cycle, which results in losing more strands than usual as the weather changes.

Some people try to tackle shedding by using Minoxidil (an FDA approved hair loss treatment). Minoxidil is known to cause severe shedding during early usage, therefore this may not be the appropriate treatment during a time when you are losing more hair than usual.

Experiencing stronger hair growth in the spring is normal, but that means you will probably be more prone to heavy shedding during the autumn months of the year. Experiencing good growth during March through to May does not mean you are out of the woods. Be sure to keep on top of your hair care routine with natural vitamins and enhancing shampoos to get the very best out of your hair during its peak season. That way, you will be far better prepared for the dreaded shedding phase.

One of the worst aspects about winter season is the fact we tend to spend most of our time indoors.  Being constantly exposed to central heating is not great for our locks.  We tend to sweat a lot, which can damage our hair and leave it looking lacklustre.  Be sure to  get out and give your hair plenrty of fresh air.  Your strands can only benefit from this and grow freely.

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