Do You Shed More Hair in the Summer?

Summer Hair Loss: Fact or Myth?

  • Q: Is it true that we shed more hair in the summer season?

We all experience some sort of hair shedding on a daily basis, but you might start noticing a few extra hairs clogging up your shower drain around the hottest months of the year.  This will most likely be down to seasonal hair loss.  Research suggests that many of us enter a resting phase for the hair follicle during summer season, which means that the hair is extra prone to shedding and falling out.

When our hair is exposed to hot weather, as much as 70 percent of strands can prematurely enter this resting phase, leading to more hair shedding than normal. This is why many men and women tend to suffer from more hair fall during July and August, and this pattern can often continue into the autumn season.

If you suffer from seasonal hair loss then you should not worry about this, as it is a perfectly normal process that the vast majority of people go through.  It is not ideal, as no one wants to lose strands, but it is part of a normal cycle.

As your hair sheds, new hair regrowth occurs as well. As long as you are not noticing actual balding or thinning to your hair, new hair will regrow and your hair will be fine. If you are thinning and your hair is not regrowing, then this is not seasonal hair loss - it is more likely to be pattern baldness, which you should seek help to try and treat.

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