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Can Hair Loss be Stopped?

Does Hair Loss Occur More in Summer?

Should you worry more about hair loss in summer season?

For may hair loss sufferers, summer season can often be quite daunting for a number of reasons. As many of us spend much of our time in gardens, parks and beaches to soak up the sun's rays, those worried about their hair are always faced with some difficult decisions: wear a cap and sweat it out, or risk sun lotions that could accentuate thinning hair problems by revealing parts of the scalp?  Not to mention the problems presented by frequent wetting of the hair at pool parties, during water sports activities, and regular dips in the sea.

What is Seasonal Hair Loss? 

A very common concern with sufferers of thinning hair is the theory of 'seasonal hair loss'. Whilst this theory has not been proved, there certainly seems to be a common trend whereby shedding is triggered in the summer months, resulting in increased balding.

The theory is based on our similarities with animals - for instance, the dog sheds hair in the summer to create a thinner coat for the hotter climate, enabling its body to cool down more efficiently. Another angle to look at this theory is that the stress to our bodies from the sun and warm weather causes hair loss from telogen effluvium.

Telogen effluvium is only short term, and only lasts throughout the hotter climate, but for those of us who suffer from common hair loss conditions such as male pattern baldness and alopecia, this temporary phase may not be quite so forgiving once the summer season passes by.

How to stop shedding this summer

Summer season makes us sweat more, which means we naturally opt to wash our hair more often. Many guys are concerned that over-washing their hair can lead to the formation of hair fall and thinning. This point has not been proved, but could still be valid. That is why it is essential to wash your hair with naturally formulated shampoos, every other day, as you normally would throughout the rest of the year, but consider adding a dry shampoos to your hair care routine. 

On the days you are not using regular shampoo, simply wash your hair with water and then when it's dry just apply some dry shampoo, which comes in powder or spray form, to help cleanse your hair and keep it smelling fresh. This is an excellent alternative that also enhances the volume of your hair.

If you suffer from developing stages of male/female pattern baldness, then we would always advise you to speak to your doctor about your condition before trying to tackle it yourself.  Beware though, some doctors can make commission from certain treatments and products, so make sure your choice of treatment is one that is safe and effective for you.

Hair health supplements like HR23+ (below) are excellent hair food products that feed your follicles with hair beneficiary ingredients that can prevent hair loss and even promote thicker, stronger and healthier hair growth. What's more, many of these ingredients work pretty quickly, so you shouldn't be waiting months on end to see noticeable results.
In order to keep your strands healthy and protected, be sure to use SPF30+ sunscreen on your locks. Try and use a formula that is less greasy with quick absorption. The sun's rays present the most damage to your hair, therefore it is essential that you keep your barnet protected, and less prone to damage.

Enjoy the sun!

It's true what they say, the less you worry about shedding, the better summer you will have. Be sure to have a decent hair care routine in place that will take you through the summer months, helping you shed as little as possible.

Also, remember summer isn't actually the season when we shed the most. On average, we tend to suffer from the most severe cases of shedding during spring season, so be confident that the worst stages of shedding are firmly behind you.

June Hair Loss Picks

What are the best hair loss treatments for June?

Each month we aim to bring you our top hair loss products and treatment recommendations. This month, we look at some treatments that are ideal to take during the early part of summer season. Many hair loss sufferers underestimate the importance of taking extra care of their hair during summer. So, we've come up with a list of hair products that can benefit your locks as the climate continues to get warmer. Remember, humans tend to shed more in summer, so protecting your hair when it's at its weakest is essential.

In no particular order, here are the eight recommendations for the month of June...

1. Omega Fish Oils

Nutritional and dietary factors, including the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil, can influence your overall health and the health of your skin, scalp and follicles, which can, in turn, improve the health of your hair. Be sure to take your fish oils, particularly during the hotter months of the year.

2. Biotin & Collagen Amplifier

We advise washing your hair with shampoo a lot less during summer, therefore you'll want a good amplifier that helps beef up and condition the hair, leaving it smelling nice too.  Biotin & Collagen Amplifier by OGX is a perfect formula containing ingredients that benefit your hair.

3. Sunscreen Hair Cream

Protect your hair from harmful sun rays with a non-greasy sunscreen. Hair damage is most commonly caused by the sun, therefore protecting your hair throughout the day is an absolute must.

4. HR23+ Hair Supplement

HR23+ is a potent supplement that can help the rate of healthy hair growth. This safe and effective pill is ideal for men and women suffering from early stages of male/female pattern baldness. This should be taken all-year-round, but particularly during the summer when hair is at its weakest.

5. Sunscreen Hair spray

A good sunscreen spray (it doesn't matter which brand) is a handy product that you can take with you and use while you are on the go. For extra hot days spent at the beach or down the park, be sure to keep topping up your protection with a few squirts of sunscreen on your hair.

6. Biotin Supplement

Biotin is an excellent human growth agent, therefore taking it during the season when your hair tends to shed the most, is absolutely essential. Biotin can help hair grow faster, stronger, and thicker. 

Hair Loss Cures that could put an end to Baldness

What potential Hair Loss Cures are out there? 

Are you one of 60% of men that suffers from evident balding before the age of 40? Well, fear not, because balding could well be a thing of the past - that's if these latest 'cures' are anything to go by...

There are already options for treating hair loss that exists on the market - such as hair vitamins, topical solutions and harsh prescription drugs - but no cure, as of yet, has been found to reverse the pattern of hair loss and thinning hair.

We do have reason to feel optimistic during 2017, and we should also believe that finding an effective solution for baldness is just around the corner. Here, we take a look through some of the most exciting developments in the world of hair loss treatments, that could perhaps provide us with a cure for the most soul-sapping condition a man can ever go through - male pattern baldness.

Stem Cells Regeneration, Japan


Japan based skincare company, Shiseido has teamed up with RepliCel Life Sciences on a 'hair regeneration' project that involves replicating hair follicles to combat the effects of male and female pattern baldness. If it works, this revolutionary new treatment will be able stop the pattern of hair loss in its tracks by repairing damaged nerves, thus paving the way for hair to grow naturally.

The science is based on the theory that human stem cells could be converted to dermal papilla cells, using pluripotent stem cells. As dermal papilla cells are an integral part of the hair follicle formation and hair growth cycle processes, a study concluded that, following successfully regrowing hair in mice during trials, their method for inducing hair growth could also work on humans. - See more at: Belgravia Centre.

How effective will this be?: The theory sounds very encouraging, but the constant delays mirror that of previous 'cures' that amounted to nothing.

JAK inhibitors for AGA, USA

Over in the US, Aclaris Therapeutics are set to test Janus Kinase Inhibitors, which inhibit the activity of a family on enzymes, on men with Andro Genetic Alopecia (AGA) after seeing impressive results on patients with Alopecia Areata (AA). 95 percent of balding men suffer from AGA (due to male hormones, in particular DHT), whereas only 1-2pc of men are believed to suffer from the AA variant, so the world will be watching this one with interest.- Sourced from the Telegraph.

How effective will this be?: Still a little early to review this treatment, but it does show potential.

Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC), USA

Histogen’s lead product application is the Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC), which is a soluble formulation in development as an injectable for hair regrowth. The cell conditioned media (CCM) that is the base material for HSC is produced by neonatal cells grown under simulated embryonic conditions of hypoxia (3-5% oxygen) and suspension.

Under these conditions, the cells become multipotent and there is upregulation of growth factors which have been shown to be important in hair viability. HSC is manufactured from purification of CCM to enrich for these growth factors. Key growth factors include KGF, VEGF, and follistatin, which are involved in signalling stem cells in the body, and have been shown to be important in hair formation and the stimulation of resting hair follicles. Follistatin in particular has been linked to hair follicle stem cell proliferation.

How effective will this be?: Again, in theory this sounds wonderful, and avoiding surgical procedures is always a bonus, so we remain quietly optimistic about HSC.

Dutasteride, Korea

Dutasteride has been approved to treat hair loss in Japan and South Korea for some time, but . it is yet to be appirved in Europe and the US. The drug, branded as Avodart, inhibits dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone that destroys hair follicles and is at the root of most people's male pattern baldness. Many see this drug as a better alternative to Finasteride (Propecia), with less side-effects and better overall results.

How effective will this be?: Although Dutasteride can prevent the pattern of shedding, much like Finasteride, it doesn't have the ability to actually reverse the stages of balding.

HR23+, UK

This new and potent supplement is designed to block the formation of DHT and promote the pattern of hair growth in both men and women suffering from premature stages of baldness. HR23+ does not claim to be a revolutionary cure for hair loss, but rather an aid that can prevent the effects of shedding and enhance the speed and rate of growth.

Already on the market and sold to over 50 countries worldwide, this popular supplement has gained glowing reviews from many men and women who are battling alopecia. Many see this product as a safe alternative to harsh medicines like Propecia.

How effective will this be?: This pill won't cure male or female pattern baldness, but it can certainly prevent hair loss and enhance the thickness of your strands. Worth trying if you are keen to avoid Finasteride and surgical procedures.

Bimatoprost, Ireland

Bimatoprost, by Allergan, was pretty big news back in 2015, when it was shown to work well in lengthening and thickening eyelashes in women. Now they're looking to develop this formula for the regrowth of hair on the scalp.

How effective will this be?: It is difficult to find any recent news on the status of the trials and testing that has gone into this product, therefore it is hard to judge. Eye lashes and hair follicles are two separate growth patterns, therefore it is likely that the scientists have hit a stumbling block.

How Healthy is Your Hair?

Just how healthy is your hair and are you prone to hair loss?

The hair care market is reportedly worth over £100 billion worldwide, and the hair loss treatment market is worth an estimated £2 billion worldwide.  Although more of us are recognising the importance of healthy hair, it is difficult to define exactly what makes a healthy head of hair.

So, to give you a better idea of just how healthy your strands are, we've come up with a check list that contains the most important factors and tips for healthy follicle growth. In no particular order...

Are you feeding your hair? 

Many men and women have this idea that external products and treatments such as shampoos, creams and serums more than cater for the health of hair strands.  But in reality, a good, well-rounded, healthy diet is also key to achieving better looking hair. 

Be sure to get plenty of protein into your daily diet, with foods such as fish, meat, eggs, Greek yogurt, oats, almonds, cottage cheese and broccoli.  It's no myth when you hear the phrase 'you are what you eat'.  The better you eat, the better your hair!

How often do you wash your hair? 

Many of us, especially men, tend to wash our hair every day - and sometimes even twice a day.  Although there is no scientific evidence to suggest that washing your hair every day can lead to shedding, it is widely recommended by health experts to wash your hair no more than four times a week.  For a healthy barnet, try and limit your showers to every other day, because too much washing can actually cause damage to your strands and leave your hair looking flat and lifeless.

Ever considered taking vitamins? 

Hair vitamins have become more popular than ever, and judging by the effects they can have on your hair, it is easy to see why.  There are some potent multi-vitamin hair supplements that contain vital ingredients that can benefit hair growth and contribute to the overall health of your follicles.

Key ingredients like Biotin, Folic Acid, Vitamin A, Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea Extract and MSM can play a vital role in the development and maintenance of hair cells, leading to thicker, stronger growing hair.  These types of supplements are also ideal for those of us who do not get enough hair nutrients in our daily diet.

Turn the heat down!

There seems to be a misunderstanding when it comes to the subject of hair dryers/hair straighteners and hair loss. We should clarify that the cause of pattern baldness is mostly genetic, therefore blow-drying or heat-straightening your hair will not cause irreversible balding. However, these types of devices can lead to severe shedding, which isn't particularly a great look.

So, to get the very best out of your locks, have a little patience and be sure to turn the heat down on such devices.

Give your scalp a little stimulation...

It's true what they say: Stimulating the scalp can lead to faster growing, healthier hair. It doesn't take much effort - just gently massage your scalp for 20 minutes, three times a week, with your fingertips, and you'll start seeing results pretty soon.  

Fight Hair Loss with Foligen

Designed to Support Thicker, Stronger and Healthier Hair Growth for Men

Foligen is a dietary supplement designed to support thicker, stronger and healthier hair in men who suffer from early stages of male pattern baldness. Foligen claims it can not only increase the rate of hair growth, but also protect against dryness in the hair while reducing the chances of hair breakage.

The essential vitamins in Foligen include:

Folic Acid - Folic acid has proven effects on cell generation. Hence, it is a natural stimulator for natural hair growth in both men and women. Regular consumption of folic acid has been found miraculously effective in preventing male pattern baldness.

Biotin - Biotin deficiency causes abnormal metabolism of fatty acids, which possibly leads to hair loss, unexplained hair breakage, and thin, brittle, splitting hairs. By taking biotin, you can maintain healthy hair, and reduce hair loss.

Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B6 is an important member of the Vitamin B-complex family. It activates the enzymes and chemical reactions that start the metabolism of the hair proteins, keratin and melanin, in the hair follicles.

The full list if ingredients can be seen below:

Does Foligen work?

Foligen is not a revolutionary hair loss cure for men, but it does contain a good blend of anti-hair loss extracts as well as hair growth promoters, that in turn, can help men achieve less hair fall and more hair growth.

Some benefits of Foligen:

  • Foligen is made from 100% natural ingredients and extracts that have been studied and may prevent hair loss and assist in the regrowth of hair.
  •  Foligen is made in the US within a GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certified facility. This ensures that the product is consistently produced to a high quality standard. Foligen is manufactured under GMP guidelines with our US FDA registered facility.
  • Foligen is trusted and used by thousands of customers worldwide. There are no known harmful side effects of taking it.  

Where to Buy Foligen

Foligen has a global distribution to 47 countries worldwide including USA and Canada. This list of countries available in the first step of checkout.  Foligen is not currently available in the United Kingdom.  Click on the link below for more information or to purchase Foligen.

The Worst Things About Female Pattern Baldness

What is Female Pattern Baldness?

Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is a distinctive form of hair loss that occurs in women with androgenetic alopecia. Many women are affected by FPHL. In fact, around 40% of women by age 50 show signs of hair loss and less than 45% of women actually reach the age of 80 with a full head of hair.

How Demoralising is Female Hair Loss?

With no known cure for alopecia, and a long list of ineffective treatments, suffering from baldness can feel like the worst possible thing to go through, especially from a woman's point of view.  Here, we break down the four main reasons why thinning hair can be the most emotionally painful process a woman ever has to go through...

1.  Straight after pregnancy

Having a baby is supposed to be the best time in the life of any new parent, so why does there have to be an 'after-effect'?  A large amount of women tend to suffer from extreme hair thinning and balding during, and more commonly, straight after pregnancy.  Studies suggest this dramatic rise in hair fall could most likely be caused by the increase in hormones during pregnancy.  This can be emotionally devastating for the majority of women, and it can even ruin what was meant to be the happiest time of their lives, somewhat.

2.  Women aren't meant to go bald

Nobody batters an eyelid when they see a bald man in public, but a balding woman would certainly turn quite a few heads, and not for the right reasons.  Even though over 40% of females experience hair loss before they reach middle age, we still notice it a whole lot more when we see a lady with a thinning scalp.

3.  Women want to look their best

Most men are happy just to have hair at all, but women tend to need much more than that.  In an image conscience society, women (and men) are under more pressure than ever to look their best.  Humans generally judge on appearance, therefore a full head of thick hair is vital for a woman to look her very best.  Taking the volume out of a woman's hair is like shaving a few inches of a man's height.

4.  Good hair makes women look more feminine

Women want great hair, in the same way men tend to want bushy beards. You just can't take away the simple laws of the human mind - Women feel more attractive and confident with a big heap of locks, whereas men feel strong and masculine with a good bit of facial hair.  You could even say that hair to a woman is even more important to facial hair or height to a man, as many deem her hair as her biggest physical attribute.

Can Female Pattern Baldness be Treated?

There are a number of scalp treatments and products on the market, including the FDA approved hair growth formula, Minoxidil (2% for female users).  Although Minoxidil can work to a certain extent, many women tend to come off it due to its common side-effects such as weight gain, severe headaches, and facial hair growth.

The most popular form of female baldness treatments tends to be scalp therapy serums and hair health supplements.  Hair growth agents like Biotin can benefit a balding scalp, as can the potent North American plant extract, Saw Palmetto - but be warned, Saw Palmetto is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.  Women should also not exceed 250mg of Saw Palmetto, daily.

Prevent Hair Loss with These 5 Handy Tips

How to Prevent Baldness and Thinning Hair.

There are plenty of myths and assumptions on how to best prevent balding and thinning hair, and with so many 'theories' out there, it is hard to know what to believe.  Hair loss is a complex subject, and therefore you must acquire a clear understanding of the process before you even begin to try and tackle it effectively.

Without spending a fortune on 'miracle hair treatments' and surgical procedures, we guide you through five simple tips that can be easily integrated into your daily routine, to help you prevent the pattern of hair fall, and maintain a healthy head of hair.

1. Tackle the problem early

The earlier you tackle male/female pattern baldness, the better chance you will have of retaining a good amount of hair in the long-term future.  The most common regret for hair loss sufferers is that they didn't try to tackle the problem when they first started noticing shedding.  The moment you notice your hair falling out, receding or getting thinner, you should act - Do some research, speak to a doctor and try some products in order to find the right solution.  You'd be surprised just how many men and women have managed to halt the balding process by acting quickly.

2. Live and Eat Healthy

It's true what they say - leading a healthy lifestyle can lead to stronger, better looking hair.  Be sure to get plenty of fresh air, exercise, and eat lots of good hair foods that are high in protein.  Healthy living alone will not cure alopecia, but the healthier you live your life, the better condition your hair will be in.

3. Stimulate Hair Follicles

Acupressure is known to stimulate hair growth considerably. Devices like the Derma Roller can increase blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate hair growth. You would only be required to use devices like these once or twice a week, and what's more, they're only about £5 to purchase.  Strongly consider a Derma Roller if you are suffering from a thinning scalp.

4. Take Plenty of Vitamins

Losing your hair is a clear sign of lack of vitamins in your body. Vitamins A, B, C, and E are rich highinantioxidants which help solve most hair problems. Biotin, Folic Acid and Saw Palmetto are all excellent additives to try, and if you can find them packed into one multi-vitamin hair supplement, then even better! 

5. Go Green!

If you want to prevent hair loss then eat green apples and drink plenty of green tea. Green apples are rich in minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese and potassium which play a great role in the development and formation of hair strands.  Green tea is a good source of panthenol, which is often used in shampoos and conditioners to strengthen hair and manage split ends. Panthenol, along with the other antioxidants present in green tea, strengthens the hair, thus making it healthier.
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