Is Justin Bieber Going Bald?

He's one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and his luscious, thick blonde locks only add to his image and appeal... well, that's up until recently, we think. 

Justin Bieber best known for his boyish good looks, cheeky smile, and pop star looks. However, in recent years, or certainly since 2017, it has been evident that Bieber is starting to lose his hair. What was once a thick head of head, has now appeared to thin, somewhat, and here's what we mean...

A youthful looking Justin Beiber had a perfect hairline and full density back in 2012. There were absolutely no signs of baldness appearing at the front or crown of the head. It seemed, at the time, that Bieber would be blessed with thick hair for years to come.

Fast forward a few years, and Bieber still appeared to have a good head of hair.  There would appear to be slight loss of hair at the frontal hairline, but no major issues. All men experience some type of thinning as they head into their twenties or thirties. This is just mature thinning, and for most, not much to worry about.

It seems, after 2015, Justin started experiencing more advanced stages of hair loss, evidently male pattern baldness. In the image above, you can see clear signs of receding at the hairline, with less density up top. His hair is much thinner her than it was in previous years.

In both pictures (above and below), you can clearly see noticeable signs of thinning and receding. The density of Justin's hair is nowhere near as thick or as full as it was pre-2015. Unfortunately for Bieber, he is suffering from more advanced stages of male pattern baldness, and if not treated, it is likely he will go completely bald by his mid thirties.

The wearing of hats has added to the suspicion that the pop star is trying his best to cover up his bald patches. It can't be easy for a young man to lose his hair, and that's the problem many men in their twenties are facing on a daily basis.

What can Justin Bieber do about his thinning hair? 

Well, luckily for Justin, he's got plenty of money. Now, money won't cure hair loss, but he can certainly buy the best treatments available.  His two main option are Minoxidil (a topical treatment for baldness) or Finasteride (an oral pill for male baldness), both medically approved treatments, but come with the risk of negative side-effects.

There are also various multi-vitamin supplements on the market such as HR23+, that offer a safe and effective alternative to the harsh medical drugs. But, if all else fails, he could always fork out on a hair transplant, which for now, would probably last up until his late thirties.

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