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5 Shampoos for Hair Growth and Thickness

Dealing with thinning hair or baldness often requires a multi-treatment plan, including your shampoo. And although there is no scientific evidence to suggest that shampoos can treat hair loss, they still play a huge roll in an effective hair loss treatment plan. 

In many cases, a hair thickening shampoo can help thicken your hair while easing some of the anxiety associated with baldness and thin hair. So, with all that said, here's a little look at some of the best hair thickening shampoos on the market...

1. OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo

OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Amplifying Lotion, is a high performance blend of powerful ProVitamin B7 Biotin which infuses nutrients into every strand, while plumping collagen adds volume and dimension, and hydrolysed wheat proteins strengthen, for thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair. This shampoo is fast becoming the go-to product for men and women looking to get thicker hair.

2. Hair Resiq Thickening Shampoo Dry Hair

Dry hair has met its match with the new Dry Hair Thickening Shampoo, a powerful blend of Organic Argan Oil and Shea Butter that seals in moisture for intense hydration. With Biotin-B and Caffeine for strength and fullness, you can kiss those dry days goodbye for good!

3. Sachajuan Thickening Shampoo

Sachajuan a popular Stockholm based salon, and their self-named range of products have the most immediate effect of your hair’s health. This shampoo works deep at the root of the strand, helping to thicken the hair, and give it more volume. It's a real confidence booster after every wash. 

4. OLAPLEX No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

If your hair has become dry, brittle and elastic since you began bleaching, perming or heat-styling, then OLAPLEX could be a great solution for your strands. Starring a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level, OLAPLEX formulas seek out broken bonds in the hair and repair them, restoring compromised hair to former glory.  This Bond Maintenance Shampoo repairs hair bonds while gently cleansing hair, imparting deep moisture and strength.

5. Re:Line Biotin Shampoo

Try this hair thickening shampoo to help combat baldness and thinning scalp. It's an all natural blend that contains a hair thickening B-Complex formula. This shampoo treats thinning hair with botanical Rosemary, Aloe Vera, Saw Palmetto and Coconut - all known to regrow and prevent hair loss. This is an affordable solution for men and women with thin textured hair.

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5 Hair Thickening Products for Women

1. TOPPIK Hair Fibers

TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers instantly give you the look of thicker, fuller hair. Made of natural, coloured Keratin protein that is naturally statically charged, intertwine with your existing hair for a completely natural look. An increasing amount of women are using hair building fibers in order to combat thinning hair.

2. Volugenix Anti-Thinning Hair Cream

A cream for stimulating hair growth, and particularly beneficial for women who are prone to thinning – Volugenix styling cream contains EGC2 and DHQG, two patented molecules that make up Induchem’s award-winning Redensyl fast hair growth blend. These two molecules help reactivate hair follicle stem cells, thus stimulating new hair growth.

3. Unite Texturiza Spray

Thickening products applied to dry hair tend to build the most volume, and not many work better than this dry texture spray. It maximizes the diameter of the hair, while also absorbing excess oil and prolonging your style. It also adds an airy texture to everything from a pixie to beach waves and also works great to plump hair before an updo. This is a must have for women looking to get some volume into their hair.

4. Himalaya Protein Hair Cream

Himalaya’s Protein Hair Cream nourishes the hair root and shaft. Its special ingredients strengthen hair, promote hair growth and leave hair soft and shiny. The Protein Hair Cream nourishes your hair with natural proteins derived from Chickpea, while Amla promotes hair growth, for a smoother, shinier, thicker texture.

5. Biotin Shampoo

Try this hair thickening shampoo to help combat baldness and thinning. It's an all natural blend that contains a hair thickening B-Complex formula. This shampoo treats thinning hair with botanical Rosemary, Aloe Vera, Saw Palmetto and Coconut - all known to regrow and prevent hair loss.

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5 Hair Thickening Products for Men

1. Gofybr Natural Hair Fibres

Your weapon in the fight against thinning hair, Gofybr instantly makes your hair look naturally thick and strong. Say goodbye to feeling embarrassed and insecure, no more “side-eye glances” at your hairline -- wondering whether you’re 21 or 41. Gofybr’s natural cotton binds to your hair - AND it breathes. Some products use low grade fibres like keratin or wool -- that suffocates your hair and can even cause further hair loss. Gofybr stays firmly in place -- resists sweat and rain - you won’t find it on your pillow, or your shoulders, or anywhere else you don’t want it! Go about your day, worry-free. With ten hair colour options, you can get an exact match to your natural colour.

2. R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste

Head for dry terrain with Badlands. One part dry shampoo, one part styling paste, 100% badass. Use when you want to extend the life of a blow-out or add volumizing texture. Good for: Adding amazing second-day texture and absorbing oil. Its matte finish and reworkable hold mean no build up, just serious style.

3. Schwarzkopf got2b Phenomenal Bodyfying Cream Gel

Discover the real gentleman in you with the new male grooming sensation, got2b phenomenal bodyfying cream gel. For enduring hold, thicker, fuller-looking hair & a gently groomed style, leaving your hair looking neat & timeless. Suit up & get ready to become phenomenally groomed.

4. Cremo Premium Barber Grade Hair Styling Thickening Paste

Cremo Barber Grade Hair Styling Thickening Paste adds texture volume and thickness to your hair. It lasts all day long and works best on short or fine hair. Make sure you apply this to your hair when it's dry, for volume with limited separation. This styling product offers high hold and low shine.

5. BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray

Thicken the appearance of your hair in just seconds! Just spray through damp hair then dry for incredible thickness and hair volume - Gives you a layered textured finish with a light hold that looks great and lasts the entire day - The ultimate hair volumizer for fine hair. This super light weight formula wont leave a sticky build-up in your hair and wont weigh it down like other products can - A hair texture spray and volume spray without gunky residue - This thickening tonic and hair texturizer washes out easily with water or shampoo.

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Nutrafol: Does it Work?

Guest post by K Ashton

Ok, so I've said for a while that I would be trying the American hair health supplement, Nutrafol. I recently decided to purchase three bottles from Amazon, and I have been using this supplement for around 10 weeks now.
What attracted me to this supplement was the fact that it contains many ingredients that have worked well for my hair, such as saw palmetto, therefore I held high hopes for this natural supplement.

As many of you will know, I have been using HR23+ for quite some time now, as it works for me, but in order to make this review of Nutrafol completely fair, I decided to come off HR23+ during the time I used Nutrafol.

During the 10 weeks using Nutrafol, I did not notice any significant changes in my hair. The one positive thing was that I did not lose any more hair, which is something that many other products have failed to do for me. My hair doesn't feel as thick as it was during my time using HR23+, so for me that's a slight negative for Nutrafol, as hair density is very important to me at this stage of my life.

All in all, I would say Nutrafol is probably worth trying if, like me, you suffer from early stages of male pattern baldness. The science behind this supplement is pretty valid, so I definitely wouldn't label it as a scam. I think, if I hadn't discovered HR23+, I would probably have opted for something like Nutrafol, but as things stand, I didn't see any evidence, even though I only tried it for 10 weeks, that Nutrafol is particularly effective for my hair.

I shall go back to what I was using before, but if you're looking to try Nutrafol then I would suggest using it for a longer period than I did (12 weeks minimum) to get the full potential of what this supplement can do for your hair.

Here is my full breakdown of Nutrafol, based over a ten week treatment period:
  • No real prevention of hair loss, but no considerable increase in hair fall.
  • No hard evidence of new hair growth. 
  • No change in hair thickness and density. 

My rating: 

Hair Growth Products for Autumn Season

Guest post by K Ashton

You may not realise it, but for most of us, our hair goes through different changes during each season, and my hair is a prime example of this pattern. So, in order to keep well on top of my hair loss, I like to make slight tweaks and alternations to my hair care routine at the turn of every season.

Mid autumn, along with early spring, tends to be a time of year when I shed the most hair. Seasonal hair loss can be a real headache at times, especially if you are already prone to baldness and thinning hair.  So, action must be taken to help prevent unnecessary hair fall.

Here are eight handy hair growth products that I currently use at this time of the year. If you are noticing excess hair shedding, then be sure to try some of these... 

1 OGX Biotin & Collagen Shampoo

I actually had this shampoo in my last top picks post, and I have added it again, simply because it's probably the best shampoo I have ever tried (and I have tried a fair few). If it's thickness, volume and less hair fall that you're after, then be sure to try the amazing Biotin & Collagen shampoo by OGX. It's also dirt cheap at just £6 a bottle.

2 Biotin 10,000mcg

Ok, so we've established that Biotin won't cure any form of hair loss, but what it does do is help promote healthy, thicker hair growth. 10,000mcg might be a bit high in dosage, so you can always opt for a lower amount if you prefer. It doesn't matter what brand you use - as long as it's Biotin, it should do the trick!

3 Kirkland Minoxidil

Minoxidil is the only medically approved topical treatment for hair loss, and it comes under many brand names, including the most well know Regaine (Rogaine). It really doesn't matter that brand you go for, as long as it's minoxidil, that's the main thing. This stuff really can work, but patience is key. some men can take up to a year to see results, so make sure you are in it for the long haul if you decide to try it.

4 HR23+ Hair Health Supplement

HR23+ is by far and away the best supplement of its kind on the market. Packed with an array of hair beneficiary ingredients, be sure to try this multi-vitamin hair supplement if you suffer from early stages of baldness and thinning hair. It's a little pricey, but worth every penny.

5 TRX2 Serum

Ok, so I haven't been the biggest fan of TRX2 products since the brand launched in 2011 (particularly their supplement, which didn't work for me at all), but their serum seems to be a popular choice with men and women battling thinning hair. I have only just started using it myself, and the early results seem good. It could certainly be a good investment if you are looking for a safer alternative to Minoxidil.

6 TRX2 Foam

Like the serum, I've not had the chance to try this new addition to the Oxford BioLabs line for very long, but if you are not keen on the idea of putting Minoxidil on your scalp (Minoxidil does come with potential negative side-effects), then TRX2 Foam could be a safer alternative.

7 MSM Powder

MSM is a great hair beneficiary ingredient, and this sports powder can indeed help men and women with thinning hair. You'll find MSM in most hair health supplements, so if you fancy adding a bit more to your daily intake be sure to try it in powder format. This bag will cost you just £5.

8 Hair Laser Comb

I tried the hair laser comb a few years back, and although I didn't see particularly great results, I did notice better results over the autumn/winter seasons - I really couldn't tell you why! If you can get one of these on the cheap, then you should definitely give it a try, because, with an active lifestyle and balanced diet, hair laser combs have shown excellent results in men and women who suffer with hair loss.

Hairprin Natural Hair Support Pills: Does it Work?

Guest post by K. Ashton

I am a big fan of the structure of the hair loss information website, HGR (Hair Growth Report), but I am certainly not a fan of the content it produces, particularly regarding the 'product reviews'.

The structure of the Hair Growth Report website is not all that different to this website - with plenty of product reviews and articles regarding hair loss and hair health in general. So, I was often finding myself on the Hair Growth Report website checking out the latest treatment reviews and hair loss/hair growth related features.

Granted, the articles about hair loss are actually quite informative, particularly in the areas they talk about specific ingredients and routines that I myself have personally found to be helpful in my own battle against hair loss. But, what I am not so convinced about are the actual product reviews - if you can call them that.

I've been through every single product review on the Hair Growth Report website, most of which I had already heard of, and what I noticed is that all the reviews are pretty much the same. I don't even know if you can call them reviews, as much of the content is merely copy and paste. It constantly fails to actually let the readers know exactly how beneficial the product under review is for treating hair loss.

Does Hairprin stop hair loss?

It seems suspicious to me that the supplement, Hairprin, collected the prestigious 'Gold Award' with an unblemished 10/10 rating. After looking closely at the ingredients of Hairprin, I can honestly say there is nothing to suggest this product should be rated way and above every other product on their list. In fact, to my eyes, based on its ingredients, Hairprin wouldn't rank highly at all - and trust me, I've been through a fair few supplements in my time.

I'll make no bones about it - I use HR23+ and it has been, by far, the best working solution for my hair. My hair loss stopped after using HR23+, and if we are going on the ingredients factor alone, HR23+ contains pretty much all the ingredients that Hairprin contains, and much more! I find it quite baffling that Hairprin got a rating of 10/10, whereas HR23+ only got a 7/10. 

The HGR website is extremely favourable to Hairprin, which takes a lot of credit away from the whole website, in my opinion. I also think it's odd how the Hair Growth Report website rated TRX2 7/10 but labelled it as an 'affordable' product, whereas other supplements with the same rating, were branded as an 'expensive'.  Again, there is a lack of consistency throughout this website.

As for Hairprin itself, well, I won't be purchasing the supplement, because from looking at the ingredients alone, it really does look like an inferior version of many other supplements on the market. I certainly wouldn't label Hairprin as a bad hair supplement, because it does contain some good hair beneficiary ingredients, but what I will say is that there is no possible way it can be ranked as the best product of its kind in the world. That's just crazy!

Also, it's funny how the three main reviewers on HGR, Donald Martin, Francis Patton and Robert Bennett, are three males all with full heads of hair. How can three men who have no idea what it even feels like to suffer from hair loss be responsible for reviewing products that aim to tackle baldness? It makes no sense! Also, where are the female reviewers? Many of the products reviewed are unisex treatments, therefore why aren't we getting a female perspective? It seems to be these reviewers are made up, for the sole purpose of filling up the website, to promote Hairpin.

Hair loss is a big deal, and I mean a REALLY big deal. Guys like me just want the honest truth when it comes to reading reviews and information on the topic. That's why I started my blog, My Battle With Hair Loss. I wanted to share my years of research and testing with like minded people who want to get to the bottom of their balding and find ways to stop this hair loss nonsense. Although the views on this website are my own, I always strive to help others, as well as myself, in order to get us all to a better place.

That's why websites like Hair Growth Report really bug me. Yes, give us information about hair loss, and yes, review products and give them your ratings, but if you're going to do reviews, then at least make them fair and unbiased.

Hair Loss Talk: How Does HR23+ and TRX2 Compare?

How do the two best selling hair supplements compare?

With the all hype surrounding TRX2 since its launch in 2011, and the recent success of HR23+, it's little wonder so many people are quick to compare two of the leading hair loss treatment supplements on the market. But, the real question is: Do they work, and which on is better?

Here is an overview of the two leading hair growth supplements, and how they compare...


Formed in 2011, TRX2 is a hair treatment pill that has an overall success rate of 88% - making it one of the most efficient natural hair loss treatments available on the market. At Oxford, United Kingdom, a team of scientists has been conducting pre-clinical studies on hair loss. By combining powerful metabolic stimulants ( Potassium, BCAA, Nicotinic Acid) with a natural energy-generating substance ( Carnipure™ tartrate), the researchers discovered they could stop hair loss and promote hair growth on a molecular level. The result is TRX2™, a patent pending molecular hair loss treatment.
This natural hair loss treatment is specifically designed for patients suffering from the early stages of hair loss (Norwood 1 — 4). Benefits of taking 3 capsules of TRX2™ Molecular Hair Loss Treatment per day include:
  • The cessation of hair loss*
  • The promotion of hair growth — including the frontal/temple area*
  • Visibly stronger & thicker hair*


HR23+ is an oral hair growth tablet pill that is made from 23 key active ingredients that can help prevent hair loss and thinning hair. HR23+ is safe and free of any side-effects. This latest scientific breakthrough formula contains the popular anti-hair loss ingredient – Saw Palmetto.
Functional tests prove that Saw Palmetto can inhibit the formation of DHT; after taking this ingredient, many Seborrheic alopecia patients achieved excellent hair growth on the temple and scalp. HR23+ mixes Saw Palmetto with 22 other potent hair beneficiary ingredients for optimal results in men and women.

Benefits of taking 4 capsules of HR23+ per day include:
  • Prevention of hair loss*
  • Promotion of thicker, healthier, hair growth*
  • Stronger nail growth*


Price wise, the two are very similar. The current RRP of TRX2 (as of September 2018) is £55.99. HR23+ has a RRP of £49.95. However, you can purchase HR23+ for under £40 per bottle when you buy in multi packs.

Both products can be bought online, but TRX2 has more distributors as it's been trading since 2011, in comparison with the newer formed HR23+ which officially launched in 2015. Both supplements are sold worldwide, and are available from a number of online stores. HR23+ is also available to purchase offline from selected hair loss clinics throughout the UK.


Both products have apparent impressive success rates. TRX2 claims to have an 8 out of 10 success rate, whereas HR23+ is nearer to 9 out of 10 success rate. Both products have positive reviews and high return customer rates, making them two of the most sought-after hair loss treatment supplements on the market.

Which supplement is better? 

It is difficult to accurately define the effectiveness of a supplement, because with these types of products, results tend to vary from person to person. However, if we are to judge the supplements on their ingredients, then HR23+ would be the more favourable option. HR23+ contains a thicker base of hair beneficiary additives, and its formula is more conventionally considered.

That's not to say TRX2 is a bad supplement, as such, because it's not. However, the TRX2 formula is of a unique blend and consideration, which means it's unproven. As of September 2019, HR23+ is the faster growing supplement. However, it is unclear which product sells more units.

Our rating for TRX2 - 6/10
Our rating for HR23+  9/10

Official TRX2 website:
Official HR23+ website:

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