HR23+ Hair Health Supplement, Review

Can HR23+ Prevent Hair Loss?

By David Griffiths

With its increase in popularity and its apparent effectiveness, HR23+ has been one of the most talked about hair health supplements of 2016. The question I ask is, does this potent herbal formula actually stop balding and prevent thinning hair in men and women?

HR23+ is a new and advanced hair health tablet designed for hair health, using 23 key hair beneficiary ingredients. HR23+ is a safe supplement with no reported major side-effects from users. The product sounds impressive but how effective is HR23+ and can it really prevent hair loss?

I recently trawled through a variety of hair loss forums and talking points on the Internet, and even though TRX2 is a more popular topic of choice, I did find many discussions about HR23+ from users and experts. The discussion points were varied, as you would expect from a product of this nature, but the general feedback from men and women that have actually tried this supplement was very positive. I would say around 80% of users were pretty pleased with the results they gained from using HR23+. Most of the negative feedback given about this supplement was from people who have never really tried the product, and the majority of this came across as rather cynical, which again is no surprise when you consider the nature of this product.

The vast majority of HR23+ users were pleased with the results

Now, I really couldn't tell you what percentage of the online reviews are genuine and which are fake, but the overall impression I got from reading about HR23+ is that this is a supplement that is well-received and trusted from its users. HR23+ does not make unrealistic claims about what the product can do, and therefore this could be a key factor as to why the brand has built a solid amount of trust with its customers.

I joined the popular hair loss site Hair Loss Talk, and through this I decided to message fellow members and ask them about their thoughts on HR23+. The feedback was varied, and I have to confess, most of the members on this particular site had not heard of HR23+ in any capacity, which is understandable when you consider the supplement only fully launched in December 2014. However, the small bits of feedback I did receive was pretty positive, which demonstrates how effective HR23+ might be for balding and thinning hair.

So, with a relatively mixed bag of reviews and feedback gained from researching this herbal hair health supplement, I decided to delve deeper into the product itself, and more importantly the company. Originally developed and formulated by a well-established GMP certified lab in the USA as a natural hair growth supplement for men and women, HR23+ was quickly moved to the United Kingdom, and is now made in a GMP certified lab in Kent.

"We originally private labelled this supplement through a wholesale supplements provider in the US, but with such great feedback from our customers, we decided to get a slightly tweaked formula developed and made here in the UK. This decision has made HR23+ more financially viable for us as a business, and more affordable for our customers as an ongoing treatment."

The major issue that usually comes with hair loss supplements is the 'claim factor'. Making far-fetched claims about curing male pattern baldness is a common trend that brands of this nature use, and this often leads to a cynical response from potential users. HR23+ does not make far-fetched claims, and it should be noted that this is not a hair loss cure and nor does it claim to be. HR23+ is advertised as a hair health tablet that is designed to achieve stronger and thicker hair growth, and also preventing substantial hair fall and shedding.

What about the marketing campaign for this product? 

Well, the marketing avenues have been relatively quiet for such a new product in a hugely competitive sector. Online banner ads aside, you'll more than likely come across HR23+ on social media, where they advertise heavily across Twitter and Google Plus, in particular. You'll also see HR23+ featured and reviewed across a selected number of PR news sites and blogs. When it comes to getting strong brand awareness, nothing quite beats the power of word-of-mouth.

Does HR23+ actually work? And if so, what is the success rate? 

For a product that only went to market in late 2014, it's hard to tell exactly what the success rate is. Unlike many of its counterparts, HR23+ doesn't mess about with 'science'. HR23+ bases its research and formula on facts, which is why this brand doesn't claim to be a revolutionary new treatment for hair loss. HR23+ simply uses ingredients that have shown positive results in past studies, combining them into one carefully dosed formula that can benefit hair growth and prevent major hair loss. You won't find false claims surrounding this product because they simply don't make any. This hair health solution can benefit your hair immensely, but it won't cure male pattern baldness, and nor will any other product, either prescribed or purchased on the market, because there isn't currently a cure for baldness.

Most people haven't even heard of HR23+ but the brand is quickly growing in popularity

The hair loss treatment market is a multi-billion dollar industry, with hundreds of hair 'treatments' and 'solutions' widely available, ranging from supplements and shampoos to foams and serums. And how many of these formulas actually work? In reality, very few of these products will make any difference to your hairline and scalp, and because HR23+ does not make any ridiculous claims, it's impossible to label this product as a scam. This brand simply offers its customers an excellent tablet that contains impressive ingredients that can help generate stronger hair growth and prevent major hair loss and shedding,

So, where does HR23+ rank in the hair supplement hall of fame? 

Well, of all the hair supplements and treatments I have come across, I have to say, HR23+ is certainly one of the strongest in this field. If we strip everything down to this as a supplement for hair, then HR23+ ticks a lot of boxes. Most people want to know exactly what can be achieved from taking a supplement of this nature, and the simple answer to that is: whatever your genetics allow you to achieve. Realistically, you can expect to see stronger hair growth, less hair fall and better hair health. If you're suffering from early stages of thinning hair or balding, then there's every chance HR23+ will work for you in some capacity. Just don't expect miracles or cures...

Intrigued about this supplement? For more information, visit their official website

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