New Releases by Oxford BioLabs

New Additions to the TRX2 Hair Product line

After the huge success of their hair supplement, TRX2, Oxford BioLabs have released two new products to compliment the line - Topical Solution Serum and Revitalizing Foam.

Both of these new products contain ingredients that stay relatively in line with the supplement, offering users a good amount of consistency when using all three products in conjunction with each other. Like many topical treatments, TRX2 Lotion and TRX2 Foam both offer men and women a much safer alternative to the FDA approved, but side-effect-prone product, Minoxidil (Regaine/Rogaine).

The claim is that these topical treatments can be used to the same effect as the supplement, helping promote hair growth and preventing the cause of hair loss. Both products are quite heavily priced, as you would expect, and it is too early to get a fair understanding in the way of customer reviews and feedback.

As always, have caution before investing in new products and treatments for hair loss. We will release a full review of the new lotion and foam in the near future.

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