5 Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Dealing With Hair Loss

Common mistakes about hair loss that men make

Is hair loss the most soul-sapping thing a man (or woman) can possibly go through life? Well, we think so, and it's little surprise to see the hair loss treatment industry booming more and more every year.  In fact, it's booming so much that it is now worth an estimated £2 billion, and that figure is set to rise further over the next few years and beyond.

So, how do men go about tackling baldness, and what are the most common mistakes made?  Here, in no particular order, Hair Loss Review Centre goes through the five main mistakes men make when trying to deal with hair loss and thinning hair.

Shaving it all off at the earliest signs of hair loss

We understand that hair loss can be the most demoralising process to experience early on, but the last thing you should do is act too drastically, initially.  Most men do not want to shave their heads, yet they do so because they fear they'll go bald anyway.  At least give yourself a chance of beating hair loss by speaking to a specialist and seeking out potential treatments that can minimise the rate of hair fall, and promote the formation of hair growth.  Over 70% of men regret not trying to solve the issue of baldness early on when they still had the chance.

Relying on just one treatment

Most hair loss sufferers do not realise just how broad the treatment market is.  Open your eyes to the vast treatments out there - be it a topical solution or a multi-vitamin supplement.  In most cases, there is something out there that will work to a certain extent for most of us, so try a few treatments and find out which is best for you individually.  A lot of men try Regaine, find it doesn't work, and then give up.  Be persistent.

Buying from China

Hey, we're not trying to knock the Chinese market, but you would be wise to avoid any 'hair loss treatment' coming out of China. Many men make the mistake of buying scalp treatments from China, usually in the form of spray or liquid, because they find the products are much cheaper.  Bear in mind, there isn't a cure for hair loss, so it matters little how impressive the latest Chinese 'herbal formula' looks on paper, because in reality, it's bound to be nothing more than a scam.  Be sure to source your products/treatments from a certified distributor you can trust.

Over shampooing

A lot of guys make the common mistake of washing their hair too often.  Over-washing your hair does not cause male pattern baldness,  but it can cause severe shedding, which is something you will want to avoid, especially if you already suffer from some stage of balding.  There are some excellent anti-hair loss shampoos on the market, such as Alpecin C1 and Biotin & Collagen Shampoo by OGX - but that doesn't mean you have to wash your hair every single day just because you have found a great shampoo.  Give your strands time to breathe.

Lack of protection

We've touched on this quite a bit in previous articles, and protecting your hair should be of utmost importance, especially in summer season.  Most of us tend to shed more during the hotter months of the year, and that's why using a good SPF30+ lotion on our hair is absolutely vital.  Your mission to be to try and prevent hair fall in the summer season, therefore protecting it from harmful rays is a big step in the right direction to achieving fuller, healthier hair growth. 

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