10 Hair Loss Statistics That May Surprise You

10 statistics about hair loss that you didn't know

Hair loss is a pretty horrific thing to have to go through, especially if you are still young.  Beating balding isn't easy, but it can be achieved if you know what you are doing, and you go about it in the correct way.  You may think you've got this whole hair loss lark figured out, but here are 10 interesting facts about the subject that might just surprise you...

1. Baldness is usually inherited from your mother's side

Heredity plays a big part in determining if and when you'll lose your hair, and although both your mum's and dad's genes all play their role in determining the state of your hairline, surprisingly, it's the DNA you inherit from your mother that has the strongest influence.  It is estimated that well over half of men and women experience baldness due to their genetic make-up.

2. Hair Loss can lead to health problems

As if losing your hair isn't bad enough, you may have to deal with the possibility that it's related to another, more serious health issue. Hair loss has long been linked to prostate conditions in men, as well as coronary problems. In many cases, hair loss has also lead to mental health problems such as depression.  Going bald can be the worst possible thing to go through in life, so it is little surprise that so many men and women suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem.

3. Seasonal shedding can be confusing

In most cases, you probably have more hair than you might think.  On average, we lose around 100 strands a day, which seems excessive, but it's really not. Many of us actually tend to shed more during spring and summer seasons, which is completely normal. What many of don't realise is that we go through a strong growth phase during the colder months of the year.

4. It matters little how old you are

It doesn't matter whether you are 21 or 61, hair loss can affect just about anybody. An ever increasing amount of men and losing their hair in their twenties, whereas it is very common for women to start thinning in their thirties.  Hair loss does no discriminate - so don't assume you're off the hook because you've just hit 40 with a full head of hair.

5. The hair loss market ain't cheap!

The hair loss treatment industry is estimated to be worth over £2billion, and that figure is set to double over the next five years. More people are investing their hard earned cash into popular hair loss treatments such as supplements, topical solutions and even hair transplants.  You know what they say - tackle baldness early and you may just have a fighting chance.

6. The industry is thriving in Asia

Although hair treatment sales are high in the US and across Europe, Asia still tops the list for money spent within the sector. Asia takes the largest share of the market with over 500,000 people going through the hair restoration treatment process.

7. August is Hair Loss Awareness Month

To increase public knowledge about the causes and treatments for people who have experienced thinning hair and baldness, the American Academy of Dermatology has designated August as National Hair Loss Awareness Month. This is also a great time to fish out special offers and discounts on treatments and services around the world.

8. Natural beats FDA aproved

Amazingly, more and more people are turning to naturally formulated hair products as a safe alternative to the harsh treatments like Finasteride and Minoxidil. Yes, Finasteride and Minoxidil are FDA approved, but they do come with some nasty side-effects.  This stat shows just how health conscience we are becoming.

9. Hair loss can be halted

There is no known cure for hair loss, but there are ways in which you can halt the process quite considerably.  Many men and women have managed to prevent the rate of hair fall by taking multi-vitamin hair supplements like HR23+ and Viviscal.  If you combat hair loss head on, then stopping the process is very realistic.

10. Hair grows at different rates

If you've ever tried to grow your hair out after getting a bad cut, you know how frustrating it is to wait.  Well, did you know that not all of your hair is actively growing at once? According to the University of Utah, 10 percent of your strands are in a resting stage at any given moment. After about two to three months, the dead hair is shed.

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