Can Zinc Stop Hair Loss?

Can Zinc Prevent Baldness in Men and Women?

Zinc is an essential vitamin for healthy hair, skin and nails. A lack of zinc can lead to early stages of baldness and thinning hair, which is why zinc is often used in many multi-vitamin hair growth supplements.  Zinc is regarded as one of the most important ingredients for healthy hair.  

Zinc is a trace element in the human body, yet it is essential for a lot of biochemical processes. Essential processes are very much dependent on Zinc, and they include cell reproduction, production and maintenance of hormone levels, protein synthesis and absorption of vitamins and other minerals. A state of zinc deficiency is diagnosed when the body is lacking in the sufficient levels.

If you suffer from hair loss, then taking zinc can provide a viable option for you. Losing up to 100 strands of hair a day is perfectly normal, but shedding more than this amount is cause for alarm. Losing an abnormal amount of hair can be caused by a number of factors, including hormones, stress, genetics, poor nutrition, seasonal shedding, and disease.  Zinc can contribute to restoring hair health and promoting hair growth, making it an excellent vitamin to take on a daily basis.

Insufficient levels of zinc can lead hair problems such as:
  • Extreme shedding
  • Early greying
  • Weakened follicles
  • Hair thinning
  • Greasy strands
  • Lack of volume

How much Zinc should you take daily? 

Zinc is taken to combat a zinc deficiency and to fight hair loss. It is recommended to take between 5-10mg of zinc daily. You can purchase zinc as a supplement, but you will also find it in multi-vitamin hair supplements like HR23+.

What foods contain Zinc?

Zinc is an important mineral for the body, and a Zinc deficiency can result in hair loss and diarrhoea. The National Institute of Health says that adult males should be getting 11 milligrams of Zinc each day, and adult females need 8 milligrams.

The most commonly eaten foods that are high in zinc, include: spinach; kidney beans; flax seeds; pumpkin seeds; oysters; water melon seeds;beef; shrimp; garlic; peanuts.  Be sure to get plenty of zinc into your diet for best possible hair health.

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