September Hair Loss Picks

The Best Hair Loss Treatments for September

Each month we aim to bring you our top hair loss products and treatment recommendations. Later this month sees the start of autumn, so we take a look through some of the best and most potent hair loss treatments that should ideally be used as the summer draws to end.

In no particular order, here are the six recommendations for the month of August...

1. Biotin

Ok, so we're going back to basics for the month of September. Our hair strands naturally strengthen during this time of year, after excess shedding during the summer months. So, be sure to keep that momentum running by taking Biotin supplement.  This will promote hair growth and leave your hair feeling and looking stronger than ever.

2. OGX Biotin & Collagen Conditioner

Shampooing your hair with a good formulation should be high on your list of priorities -  just be sure to get yourself a good conditioner, for those odd days when your hair needs extra pampering.  It doesn't get much better than the OGX hair product range, with the Biotin & Collagen formula standing ut in particular.

3. Saw Palmetto Supplement

If you're not pregnant or breastfeeding, then you should seriously consider trying saw palmetto.  This American plant extract is potent and has been shown to help block the formation of DHT (the cause of hair loss). Saw palmetto is most popular in supplement form, and a daily dosage of around 250mg should do the trick.

4. Saw Palmetto Serum

If taking pills isn't your thing, then formulas like saw palmetto and biotin can be purchased and used in other forms, such as topical serums. Again, be sure to implement saw palmetto into your hair care routine in whichever way possible, because the beginning of autumn will help you achieve the best results for your locks.

5. Alpecin + Plantur

If there's one thing you should really be doing this month, that's making sure you are energising your hair strands in the best way possible.  Affordable hair energising shampoos like Alpecin (for men) and Plantur (for women) will not cure baldness, but they do offer you a viable solution for thinning hair. Just remember one thing - your hair is at its strongest cycle during autumn, so be sure to treat it well with proven hair health ingredients.

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