Nanogen Scalp Roller for Hair Growth

Dermarolling the scalp for hair growth

The Nanogen Scalp Roller utilises titanium micro-needles to enhance growth treatment penetration for optimised hair growth.

  • Safe for men & women
  • Dramatically increases absorption of growth treatments
  • Heals donor scars
  • Activates Platelet Rich Plasma therapy
  • Encourages scalp repair & hair growth mechanisms
  • No appreciable pain or injury

If you use ANY topically applied treatment like Minoxidil, Nanogaine, Procerin XT, Thymuskin, Revivogen, Spectral etc - then the Titanium Scalp Roller will increase the effectiveness of the treatment and the absorption.

Using the Nanogen Scalp Roller has been shown to increase absorption by as much as 5 times or more!

With Scalp-roller pre-treatment, lower 2% concentrations of Minoxidil solution may give concentrations in the scalp higher than when using 5% solutions on untreated skin. Similarly, 5% solutions could produce higher concentrations in the scalp than 12.5% solutions or suspensions used on untreated skin.

Frontal scalp areas are notoriously difficult to treat topically, most probably due to lack of absorption. Therefore Minoxidil is only really effective in treating vertex hair loss. Using Nanogen’s Scalp roller can dramatically increase absorption of Minoxidil in these regions, opening up new potential areas for topical treatments to act on.

Effective for hair growth?

The latest research by Intercytex, performed with Dr. Bessam Farjo as principal investigator, has shown that patients receiving superficial injections grow new hair, which may solely be a result of the controlled skin wounding itself.

This surprising result is correlated by the pioneering work published by Dr. George Cotsarelis of Pennsylvania University, who found that stimulation of the Wnt protein by wounding leads to hair regeneration. Wounding by microneedles would potentially start this Wnt protein mediated growth stimulation, and prevent synthesis of TGF-ß2, a protein known to induce hair loss.

Scalproller treatment increases Minoxidil efficacy and may independently promote new hair growth.

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