Unisex Hair Building Fibres by Miracle Mane

Miracle Mane Hair Building Fibres Review

Miracle Mane is a cosmetic breakthrough that immediately gives you thicker looking hair and transforms your hair in seconds. It is made of pure organic protein. This product is completely undetectable and resistant to wind, rain and perspiration, yet easily washes out with shampoo.

Miracle Mane contains two products which help you to get the perfect look:

Miracle Mane Fibres which you disperse onto thinning or bald areas of clean, dry hair evenly. The fibres are dispensed from special containers to maximize the electrostatic charge. The fibres need to be applied on the scalp where some natural hair exists.
Miracle Mane Spray is to be applied on to the areas where the fibres have been dispersed. This makes the fibre settle on scalp and offers fuller hair with a natural look. Using Miracle Mane, you can perform various hairdos the way you like.

Miracle Mane is made of 100% rayon cotton fibres. It does not harm the scalp or damage the hair, ensuring its safety for all hair types and ages, even coloured hair.
  • Sprinkle Miracle Mane fibres from about 5cm above the desired area. Bend your head so that the application is vertical. Pause and check between.
  • Gently tap the bottle for smooth dispensing. While applying on the frontal areas, protect your eyes.
  • Once the fibres are sprinkled, gently ruffle with your hands to let the fibres settle and cover untouched areas. You may also use a brush to comb your hair gently and achieve the desired look.
  • Style then use the Miracle Mane hairspray to lock in the fibres!
Miracle Mane Hair Building Fibres comes in four different colours: black; brown; blonde; grey.

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