Revivogen® for Hair Loss

What is Revivogen?

Revivogen® is a solution for hair loss, formulated by dermatologist Alex Khadavi. Introduced in 1999, Revivogen® has long been recognised as a solution to help grow strong, healthy hair by the medical profession and customers alike. The formulations are based on the most up-to-the-minute scientific research and medical breakthroughs, making the products capable of improving a variety of hair and skin concerns safely and efficiently.

How It Works

There has never been a higher demand for a safe and effective product that can provide a credible solution for hair loss and thinning hair. Revivogen is specially formulated by an expert dermatologist, using scientifically proven ingredients (they claim), and takes a multifaceted approach to target the root cause of hair problems.

This may sound impressive, but what Revivogen lacks is sufficient proof that their formula actually works. Like other products of this nature, this product line is not FDA approved for treating hair loss, therefore results are likely to vary with each individual.

Can it stop hair loss?

Revivogen does not contain the risk of side-effects, and with a list of good hair beneficiary ingredients, this formula, on paper, looks pretty impressive.

"The 'revolutionary' Scalp Therapy, Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner have all been dermatologist-formulated to achieve the maximum results you desire."

Let's be honest - what does 'dermatologist-formulated' actually mean? We understand the creator of this brand is indeed a dermatologist, but that does not necessarily mean we should give credit to these products based on that one fact alone. However, the combination of additives in this formula demonstrates that it could work to increase the thickness and volume of the hair. There is not enough evidence to suggest it can prevent baldness or reverse the pattern of hair loss.

Overall, this long-standing brand could definitely be worth a shot. With no side-effects and some excellent hair beneficiary ingredients, Revivogen can potentially help people suffering from early stages of thinning hair. What's more, it is also affordable, so you won't go breaking your bank account.

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