March Hair Loss Picks

Hair Loss Treatments for March

Each month we aim to bring you our top hair loss products and treatment recommendations. This month, we look at some treatments that are ideal to take during the approach of spring season. Many hair loss sufferers underestimate the importance of taking extra care of their hair during spring. So, we've come up with a good list of hair products that can benefit your locks as the climate gets warmer.

In no particular order, here are the eight recommendations for the month of March...

1. Regaine/Rogaine (Minoxidil 5%).

Still the only FDA approved topical application treatment for hair loss, Regaine could well be worth a try, if you haven't done so already. We tend to reach our peak hair growth phase during the approach to spring season, and foams like Minoxidil can benefit the growth of our hair immensely, especially during this season.

2. Zinc Supplement.

Zinc is a vital mineral for healthy hair, skin and nails. Dermatologists recommend zinc for hair growth. Zinc consumption can prevent hair loss. A good zinc supplement for hair loss will supply a good amount of the minerals. It doesn't matter what brand you go for - as long as it is Zinc, at around 5mg-15mg daily dosage.

3. MSM Supplement.

Methylsulfonylmethane is an organic sulphur compound that occurs naturally in some plants and foods. It is sold as a dietary supplement, and is commonly used to treat a variety of ailments. MSM has been found to be beneficial in treating osteoarthritis, and it is thought to possibly be helpful in treating other conditions including allergies, snoring, asthma, and back pain-although these uses need more clinical research to substantiate MSM's effectiveness. Most recently, MSM has become a popular supplement for promoting fast, healthy hair growth.

4. Liquid Biotin.

Known as the 'Hair Growth Agent', Biotin doesn't just come in supplement form - you can also purchase it in liquid form, which can be just as effective. If you're not keen on the idea of popping more pills then try the liquid form and apply it daily after you wash your hair. With hair growth season upon us, Liquid Biotin could potentially help develop the strength and speed of your hair growth.

5. HR23+ Supplement Tester Pack.

HR23+ is a potent and safe pill designed to halt hair fall and increase the rate of hair growth in men and women. With glowing reviews and excellent customer return rates (91%), HR23+ is widely considered to be the best product of its kind anywhere on the market. The release of the one-week tester pack is scheduled for March, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

6. OGX Brazilian Keratin Smooth Shampoo

An exclusive blend of antioxidant rich coconut oil along with lush keratin proteins to help strengthen and soften the hair, while avocado oil and cocoa butter smooth the cuticle for straight, strong tresses, adding a brilliant glow and luminescent shine.

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