What is the Best Hair Growth Supplement?

What Hair Supplement Ranks at the Top?

Hair supplements are the most popular forms of treatment for hair loss, due to their affordability, safety, and in some cases, their effectiveness.  The question is, do they actually work and which one is the best? 

It is hard to define exactly what hair supplement works the best, as cases will always vary with each individual. So, if a certain products works well for your hair, it might not necessarily work for someone else.  Also, we have to take into consideration the type of hair loss and what stage of hair loss a person is trying to treat. 

What are the best hair ingredients?

More research and testing is needed to accurately define exactly what ingredients work best for hair growth, however, we do have a good understanding of many ingredients and their benefits for treating baldness and thinning hair. 

Biotin (Vitamin B7) and Green Tea have demonstrated excellent results in the promotion of hair growth. Biotin is used in the vast majority of hair growth supplements, and Green Tea is also used in a number of hair thickening shampoos.  As stated, more studies are needed, but if you are looking to use supplements for thinning hair, then Biotin and Green Tea should be at the top of your list. 

DHT blockers like Saw Palmetto and Grape Seed, have shown positive results in preventing the formation of hair fall.  Again, more tests are needed to make this a fully valid claim, but you will find these two ingredients in most credible hair supplements. 

Which hair supplement is the best? 

Without sufficient proof, it is near impossible to rank one supplement above another. However, going by reviews, popularity and ingredients, you can get a pretty clear understanding of what supplements are ranking highest.  

Some of the most well-reviewed and best selling products are: 
- Viviscal
- HR23+
- Nutrafol
- TRX2
- Procerin (for men)
- Phytophanere
- Priorin

In order to find the very best treatment for your hair individually, you should be seeking a supplement that reviews well, and contains a good range of hair health ingredients.  Also, if you are trying to tackle hair loss, then make sure you tackle it early.  If you have exceeded Norwood 4, then it is highly unlikely that any supplement will make any sort of impact on your hairline and scalp.

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