Hair Loss and Midlife Crisis in Men

How Does Hair Loss Affect a Midlife Crisis in Men?

The male midlife crisis is often made fun of, but for many men it is the most distressing experience imaginable. A midlife crisis can happen when men think they've reached life's halfway stage and feel time is running out.  Although it is not a medical condition, many men do seek help and medication.

The typical age range for men to experience a midlife crisis is between 40 - 50, but some men can start the process as early as 35. Dr Derek Milne, a clinical psychologist, says: "If I was giving advice on how to cope, I'd suggest telling your GP you're feeling depressed, because depression makes up a significant portion of the midlife crisis."

A full blown midlife crisis in men can be triggered by many factors, most commonly, depression, major life changes such as going through a divorce, separation, a long-term illness, bereavement, job loss, and of course baldness.

Why is Hair Loss such a major factor in male depression?

A midlife crisis forms when a man feels life is passing him by too quickly.  Many men feel regretful about their past, or having not achieved as much as they perhaps feel they should have.  These feelings of depression are all linked to the fact that youth is being left behind, and for many men, that is a very scary feeling.

Although major studies show that women tend to be more concerned about ageing than men, we should still not underestimate how depressed a large number of men feel about ageing, particularly when suffering from hair loss.

Male pattern baldness (MPB) occurs in about 60% of men before they reach the age of 40.  The majority of men will begin the process of MPB at around the age of 30.  Suffering from thinning hair is one of the most demoralising and confidence-sapping things that can happen to any male, regardless of how old he is or what stage of life he is at.

When you combine the feelings of regret and depression of a midlife crisis, to the low self-esteem and concern of hair loss, you have a pretty horrific combination.  A thinning scalp adds fuel to an already dangerously flaming fire.

How to overcome the problem

We are a hair loss website, therefore we cannot really give advice on other factors that play their role in how a man feels as he approaches middle-age. However, what we can say is that a midlife crisis is purely emotional, therefore the happier you are in life, the less chance there is of you falling into this trap.

With science advancing, there is now a wide array of effective hair loss treatments on the market, available at affordable prices.  We also have a whole host of options to go for, whether it is natural herbal supplements, topical serums, thickening shampoos, or even hair surgery.

The more you do to try and tackle balding, the better you will feel about yourself.  Treating your hair can also take your mind off other issues that have the capacity to get you depressed.  We understand that treating falling hair will not necessarily prevent you from getting down as you approach middle age, but it certainly can help.

A happier man is a man with a full head of hair!

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