How Healthy is Your Hair?

Just how healthy is your hair and are you prone to hair loss?

The hair care market is reportedly worth over £100 billion worldwide, and the hair loss treatment market is worth an estimated £2 billion worldwide.  Although more of us are recognising the importance of healthy hair, it is difficult to define exactly what makes a healthy head of hair.

So, to give you a better idea of just how healthy your strands are, we've come up with a check list that contains the most important factors and tips for healthy follicle growth. In no particular order...

Are you feeding your hair? 

Many men and women have this idea that external products and treatments such as shampoos, creams and serums more than cater for the health of hair strands.  But in reality, a good, well-rounded, healthy diet is also key to achieving better looking hair. 

Be sure to get plenty of protein into your daily diet, with foods such as fish, meat, eggs, Greek yogurt, oats, almonds, cottage cheese and broccoli.  It's no myth when you hear the phrase 'you are what you eat'.  The better you eat, the better your hair!

How often do you wash your hair? 

Many of us, especially men, tend to wash our hair every day - and sometimes even twice a day.  Although there is no scientific evidence to suggest that washing your hair every day can lead to shedding, it is widely recommended by health experts to wash your hair no more than four times a week.  For a healthy barnet, try and limit your showers to every other day, because too much washing can actually cause damage to your strands and leave your hair looking flat and lifeless.

Ever considered taking vitamins? 

Hair vitamins have become more popular than ever, and judging by the effects they can have on your hair, it is easy to see why.  There are some potent multi-vitamin hair supplements that contain vital ingredients that can benefit hair growth and contribute to the overall health of your follicles.

Key ingredients like Biotin, Folic Acid, Vitamin A, Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea Extract and MSM can play a vital role in the development and maintenance of hair cells, leading to thicker, stronger growing hair.  These types of supplements are also ideal for those of us who do not get enough hair nutrients in our daily diet.

Turn the heat down!

There seems to be a misunderstanding when it comes to the subject of hair dryers/hair straighteners and hair loss. We should clarify that the cause of pattern baldness is mostly genetic, therefore blow-drying or heat-straightening your hair will not cause irreversible balding. However, these types of devices can lead to severe shedding, which isn't particularly a great look.

So, to get the very best out of your locks, have a little patience and be sure to turn the heat down on such devices.

Give your scalp a little stimulation...

It's true what they say: Stimulating the scalp can lead to faster growing, healthier hair. It doesn't take much effort - just gently massage your scalp for 20 minutes, three times a week, with your fingertips, and you'll start seeing results pretty soon.  

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