4 Things That Damage Your Hair in the Summer

Annoying aspects of summer that are bad for your hair

There doesn't seem to be a more important season for our hair than in the summer months.  We constantly imagine our beautiful locks blowing in the gentle sea breeze, shining healthily, full of volume and glow.  It's a bit like getting into shape for summer - we strive to get our hair in peak condition for the beach and BBQ season.

The problem is, summer season can be a very damaging time of year for our strands.  Many of us experience quite a bit of shedding from June to August, and that in itself can be very frustrating, and demoralising too.  So, just so you know, here are 5 things that can cause damage to your hair in the summer season...

1. The Sun

We'll start with the obvious one first, and you will probably be aware that the sun is not particularly great for your hair. Unfortunately, it is not just a matter of wearing a hat at the beach. You need coverage, so in order to best avoid dullness, discolouration, dryness, and even breakage, you need to invest in a good SPF lotion to apply on your hair.

2. Sweating

We tend to sweat more in the hotter months, for quite obvious reasons, and this is particularly damaging to our hair strands.  Wet hair makes the strands weaker and more prone to breakage.  Excess sweating can also make the hair look tired, flat and greasy, therefore to avoid this you could try a dry shampoo.  Dry shampoos will work in countering the moisture from your sweat, giving your hair a dry, fuller look.

3. Seasonal Shedding

The vast majority of us tend to shed most in the summer. So, whichever way you look at it, there really isn't any way of avoiding the issue, because it is a seasonal pattern.  Try to avoid over-washing your hair, and perhaps lay off the hair styling creams and sprays.  Also, take hair supplements with key ingredients like Biotin and Folic Acid - they'll work as an excellent substitute for essential vitamins that you are not getting in your diet.

4. Air Conditioning

We all love the feeling of air conditioning flowing through our offices and homes, but the reality is that it is sucking the moisture right out of your strands. You need to make sure that you're conditioning your hair accordingly, so perhaps consider a good leave-in conditioner and mask for consistent hydration.

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