No World Cup, But Italian Men Still Love Their Hair

Would Italian men trade a world cup for a full head of hair?

After failing to beat Sweden in the playoffs, the Italian football team failed to qualify for a world cup since 1958.  Italians are not just known for their footballing skills on the pitch - they are also known for their style and grooming. So, we ask, what nations take the most pride in their hair, and would they consider trading a world cup for their locks?

So, going through the traditional powerhouse footballing countries, in no particular order, we establish which of these nations would happily trade their hair for a world cup...


History clearly shows that Italian men absolutely love their locks. Going through the years with players like Del Piero, Totti, Inzaghi, and Baggio, it is clear that Italian men love to groom and style their hair more than any other nation.  This fits in with their culture - Italians have always prided themselves in being a country of fashion, style and charm, so a man's hair is of utmost importance.
Would Italian men trade their hair for world cup glory?  Not a chance!


Much like the Italians, the Spanish seem to take quite a lot of pride in their hair, but unfortunately for Spanish men, many of them tend to go bald. Cesc Fabregas (below) is one of many Spanish men heading for hair transplant surgery in order to fix their fast disappearing hairline, which leads us to believe that Spanish men do actually value their strands more than we might think.

Would Spanish men trade their hair for world cup glory?  With recent success in the world cup, Spanish men would probably choose to hold onto their locks over another world cup win.


German men are far more into themselves than many of us might think. Health vitamins and supplements are more popular in Germany than any other European country, which tells us this country values its health (and hair) a great deal. 

Would German men trade their hair for world cup glory? Even though Germany have been an incredibly successful world cup nation, you would still think further glory would be their priority over anything else.


Brazilians treat their football players like gods - that's how much they love their football.  And for all the fancy hairstyles their players have worn over the years, you would still expect world cup glory to come first.

Would Brazilian men trade their hair for world cup glory?  No. Brazilian men love their hair, and they love their style, but they love football a great deal more.


Much like Italy, Argentinian men do love to groom and pamper their hair, and they certainly wouldn't be short of a hairband or two in the dressing room. For all their style and trendiness, Argentinian men are never short on passion, and when it comes to anything in life, pride and passion usually wins.

Would Argentinian men trade their hair for world cup glory? It's a tricky one, but we think world cup success would come before anything in Argentina - even hair.


Long hair, clean shaven and tanned skin - that has been the look of the Portuguese team over recent years, and any side with Cristiano Ronaldo in it obviously knows where the skin cream is. Portugal have been accused of being soft in world cups, which leads us to believe they may just not want to ruin their hair.

Would Portuguese men trade their hair for world cup glory? They would probably tell you so, but deep down they know they'd be lost without their luscious locks.


On the evidence of their fans, you would think English men don't really have much regard for their hair, but the UK is one of the largest spenders on hair loss treatments in the world, so that gives us an idea of how much they do actually care about their strands. Let's also not forget that when it comes to hair, in David Beckham, England have the most famous hairstyle icon of them all.

Would English men trade their hair for world cup glory?  It has been so painfully long since England won a world cup that English men would probably trade most things for a world cup win. 


They're tough, they're big, they're manly, and they care little for pretty boy looks and stylishly groomed hair. The Dutch have never come across as a vain nation, and they certainly love to win more than anything else. When you think of Dutch men you think of the complete opposite to Italian men - which kinda says it all really.

Would Dutch men trade their hair for world cup glory? Yes, in a heartbeat. Add to the fact Holland have never won a world cup, it is pretty clear the Dutch would dearly love world cup glory over anything else.

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