Top 50 Hair Loss Treatments: #32 Nanogen Hair Nutrition Supplement for Men 40+

#32 Nanogen Hair Nutrition Supplement for Men 40+

Recommended by health experts, the Nanogen Hair Nutrition Supplement For Men 40+ is a specially formulated supplement to nutritionally support men over the age of 40 with active lifestyles, whilst maintaining healthy hair growth.

It uses a targeted combination of vitamins and minerals that have been scientifically formulated and include: Choline and B vitamins - to help support energy levels and metabolism, along with looking after your heart. Selenium - Antioxidant proven to protect hair follicle DNA The B vitamin complex and amino acids - builds keratin to support healthy hair growth.

This supplement is not a revolutionary hair loss treatment, and there will be plenty of better ones on this Top 50 Hair Loss Treatments list, but the formula is good, and it can help maintain healthy hair growth in men who suffer from weakened strands as a result of ageing.

Nanogen have created a host of products for hair loss, and we have ranked this supplement at a respectable 32 on our list.  The reason being for its hair health ingredients, its popularity, and its additional health benefits.

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