Benefits of Green Tea for Your Hair and Scalp

The Hair Growth Benefits if Green Tea

Green tea is a good source of panthenol, which is often used in shampoos and conditioners to strengthen hair and manage split ends. Panthenol, along with the other antioxidants present in green tea, may help in strengthening the hair and making it healthier.

While green tea comes from the same plant as black – camellia sinensis, it undergoes minimal processing, leaving it with more antioxidants and nutrients. It's these antioxidants as well as presence of caffeine that help stimulate hair follicles and encourage growth.  Many of the most effective hair growth products contain green tea, due to its hair growth properties.

Drinking or direct application onto your scalp can help stimulate the growth of healthy hair. Scientists found that green tea contains the antioxidant “EGCG” (or epigallocatechin gallate) that has the ability to stimulate hair growth.  Green tea is not a cure for alopecia, but it certainly does have its benefits for hair.

What does Green Tea work well with?

Green tea actually works effectively when used in conjunction with grape seed extract.  Grape seed extract is a very potent supplement that acts as an antiallergenic, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. Grape Seed extract has also been found to inhibit DHT production, and thus prevent hair follicle damage.

These two ingredients work well together because grape seed is good for preventing hair fall, and green tea is beneficial for hair growth.  They work with each other in a similar way to that of Biotin and Saw Palmetto. 

How should I take Green Tea? 

Green tea can be taken in a number of different ways, the most obvious being via oral consumption.  However, many people are not keen on the taste of green tea, therefore supplements and even topical applications are available as excellent alternatives.

For the biggest impact on your hair, green tea should be taken in conjunction with other hair beneficiary ingredients, such as the already mentioned grape seed extract.  The recommended daily dosage of green tea is not particularly high, therefore we would always suggest taking it within a multi-vitamin supplement for the very best results.

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