The Hair Loss Review 2017

Has 2017 Been a Good Year for Treating Baldness? 

Another year has flown by, and we've enjoyed covering a host of articles and reports based on the theme of hair loss and thinning hair.  The main question is, are we any closer to discovering a cure for baldness?

Here, Hair Loss Review Centre looks back over the highlights of the past 12 months, and we look forward to any new developments in 2018 and beyond.  So, in case you missed anything, here's the 2017 Hair Loss Review...

Researching into Hair Loss

We got off to a flying start at the turn of the new year. Hair building fibres were taken to a whole new level by the science of HairLabs, and we delved deep into the wonderful world of 'hair growth' ingredients.

One of our more fascinating discoveries of the year came in the form of Tofacitinib (pictured below) - Researchers at Yale and Stanford have provided the most conclusive evidence to date that a rheumatoid arthritis drug can also be used to grow hair on patients with a disease that causes disfiguring hair loss, giving plenty of hope for many men and women suffering from baldness.  Read the full article
All the best hair loss treatments were discovered by 'accident'.  Finasteride and Minoxidil were both found to inhibit the formation of DHT, after originally being tested for other conditions, like high blood pressure.  You may like to go through these treatments from our article 'Accidental' Treatments Discovered for Hair Loss.

Finasteride is the only medically approved pill for treating alopecia, but we stumbled across Dutasteride, which isn't yet FDA approved, but seems to have the same features as Finasteride, including its potential side-effects.

In perhaps one of our most interesting articles of the year, we asked: Are More Young Men Going Bald?  And although there is no concrete answer to this question  - you will be interested to know its conclusion.

We've always strive to bring you our best hair loss treatments of the month, in order to give you a clearer understanding of what products work best during the different seasons.  Seasonal Shedding is a common condition that the vast majority of us suffer from, and so it is essential that you know exactly what to use in order to combat hair shedding and promote healthy hair growth.

Are we closer to find a cure for hair loss?

Our most read article of 2017 was Hair Loss Cures That Could Put an End to Hair Loss, and it's easy to see why.  Many of us are obsessed about finding a baldness cure that can just wash all our worries away, and this particular article does make good reading - offering at least a glimmer of hope.

One of our more insightful articles looked into the effectiveness and price of hair growth supplements. There are plenty of decent products on the market, but some are better than others - and that's why we put together a list of the best supplements for hair, grouped in three different price margins. Read the full article, How Much Should You Pay for an Effective Hair Growth Supplement?

We are always looking at ingredients that work best for the hair, and Saw Palmetto always seems to feature highly on our lists.  This potent North American plant is used in the vast majority of effective hair treatments, and it is known to have properties that can block DHT, thus preventing shedding and thinning,caused by common alopecia conditions such as pattern baldness.

What is the best treatment for hair loss?

When it comes to these types of treatments, results vary with each individual, so it's near impossible to say what is the best treatment for hair fall.  However, some products do have better reviews that others, so there is evidence that some treatments are most successful than others.

We drew up a list of the Top 50 Hair Loss Treatments, of which will be completed in early 2018. These rankings are based on a number of different factors including the customer reviews, its popularity, and its online rating.  Please see our Top 50 Hair Loss Treatments.

What does the future hold?

2017 hasn't been a bad year for hair loss, and believe it or not, we are in a better position to treat our balding scalp than we were 12 months ago.  Finding a cure isn't easy - it costs a lot of money and takes up a lot of time - two areas that not many multi-scale companies are willing to invest in.  It seems we still live in an age where actual medical conditions and more serious illnesses are taking priority over the research and development of hair treatments.

There might not be an actual cure for baldness, but there are many ways in which you can slow down the pattern of hair fall and even halt the process entirely.  It's simply about trying different products in an attempt to find out what works best for you individually.  We'd like to think we provide you with a decent amount of knowledge that will perhaps enable you to get where you need to be, as far as finding the most effective hair loss treatment plan is concerned.

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