Top 50 Hair Loss Treatments: #24 Biotin

#24 Biotin

Biotin is a B7 vitamin believed to be a successful additive that can help prevent hair loss and stimulate healthy hair and nail growth.  Biotin is referred to as the 'Hair Vitamin' due to its properties that can help grow hair at a faster and stronger rate.  It has been identified that a lack of biotin can cause hair shedding.  Many of the leading hair growth products on the market contain biotin.

  • Biotin is often referred to as the 'H' Vitamin, however it is in fact related to the Vitamin B complex, B-7. Adults will need a minimum of 30mg for daily dietary needs. 
  • Some biotin supplements contain up to 10,000mcg dosages, but that is unnecessary, as much of it will go to waste. A healthy daily recommended dosage would fall between 250mg-500mg. 
  • Two of the most natural sources of biotin are liver and eggs - particularity the yolk. Other natural sources of biotin are wheat bread, whole nuts and Swiss chard.

Biotin has been proven to help grow hair quicker and stronger.  Men and women who suffer from thinning hair should consider taking biotin blended with a DHT blocking property such as saw palmetto, for the best possible results.  Taking biotin every day will help you maintain healthy, fuller hair.  With continuous use, biotin can refresh the hair follicle function and allow your scalp and hair line to absorb the necessary nutrients that regrow hair.

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