Top 50 Hair Loss Treatments: #26 Redken Extreme

#26 Redken Extreme

Allow your dry, brittle and damaged hair to be gently cleansed and repaired with a double defence system in Redken Extreme Shampoo along with the Anti-Snap Treatment.  Their rich, nourishing formulas will leave your hair feeling smooth, soft and more manageable.

Stressed hair is no different to a stressed body; it needs reliable care to keep it healthy. So gently re-nourish stressed out and tired hair with Redken Extreme Shampoo. Formulated with ceramides and proteins that begin damage control on the inside with a double line of defence, it helps prevent further damage and split ends by constantly supplying strength.  Users of this shampoo have experienced less hair fall and more hair growth.

Boost its performance with the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment - a leave-in conditioning treatment designed to solve problems with hair that is prone to breaking or splitting, and for heat styled hair.  It works by smoothing the hair cuticle and reduces friction from brushing that can damage the hair.  As a result, the hair is strengthened and less likely to split, break or snap, and become dry and damaged.

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment has an exclusive Interbond Conditioning System with a complex of proteins, lipids and ceramide to help strengthen and reinforce the cuticle, as well as protective resurfacing. The treatment has added heat protection to protect the hair during styling.

These products have a proven formula that works in minimising the rate of hair loss and increasing the rate of hair growth, making this brand one of the most effective shampoo lines of its kind on the market.  

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