Can Dermarolling Promote Hair Regrowth?

What is dermarolling and how does it help with hair regrowth?

A dermaroller is a device that consists of a handle and a rotating wheel at the top, with small needles on it.  The device is used by rolling the wheel of needles onto the skin, puncturing the surface. This is a method that works on the theory of activating hair follicles through micro needling to the skin. This in turn promotes healing, and thus activates hair regrowth.  

The main uses of dermarolling are for treating scarring, stretch marks, and wrinkles, but in recent times, it has been found to be effective for treating hair loss.  Recent studies have shown the dermaroller to be particularly effective for treating hair loss when used in conjunction with Minoxidil

Is Dermarolling Expensive? 

Dermarolling is an affordable way to attempt to treat baldness.  Most dermarollers can be purchased for £10-£20, but they can also be bought for cheaper, as low as £5.  One dermaroller should last you around 3-6 months, depending on how regularly you use it.  The most popular dermaroller to buy would be the 0.5mm.

Is It Safe?

Providing you follow the instructions, this method should be a safe way to treat hair fall. Although you are technically puncturing your skin, the penetration is too small to cause long term damage such as scarring. In fact, scarring i on of the things that dermarollers are used to treat.

Can Dermarolling Be Done With Other Treatments?

As mentioned, dermarolling can be effective when used with other treatments, such as Minoxidil.  Users have also seen positive results in their hair when using it with popular multi-vitamin hair supplements like HR23+.  There are no set rules on what to use a dermaroller with, so it is a case of finding a routine that benefits your hair.

Is Dermarolling Scientifically Proven?

This device is not FDA approved to treat baldness, but many men and women have seen its effectiveness when used to treat thinning hair.

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