How Can Hair Loss Be Reversed?

Can Thinning Hair Grow Back? 

  •  Q: My son is only 23 and he is beginning to go thin around his crown and he is also receding slightly at the front of the hairline.  His older brothers never had this problem, and they, like their father, still have full heads of hair.  This matter is very traumatising for my son.  Is there a treatment that can reverse early stages of baldness?

Answer: It is likely your son is at the initial stage of male pattern baldness, but he should consult a good dermatologist who will be able to discount other causes, such as iron deficiency, seasonal shedding, or thyroid disease.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for androgenetic alopecia, which sounds bizarre when you consider just how advanced our science has become. However, all hope is not lost, as there are treatments available that can help prevent further shedding and promote healthier cell growth.

The two main types of treatments for thinning hair are: topical solutions and orally consumed supplements.  The only medically approved topical treatment for hair loss is Minoxidil.  You will probably recognise it as Regaine (or Rogaine in the US).  This liquid/foam has proved to help stimulate hair growth where previously lost.  However, it does come with the small risk of side-effects, so make sure your son is aware of the possible ramifications before using it.

The only medically approved oral pill treatment for male baldness is Finasteride (branded as Propecia), but again, this does come with the risk of severe side-effects, so it would be better to source a natural alternative such as a multi-vitamin hair supplement.  (please see: Supplements for Treating Hair Loss)

Aside from that, the options begin to diminish.  In order to halt the rate of hair fall, there are some things your son could try, and here are a few recommended tips:
  • Reduce stress levels - It is thought that stress can play a significant role in baldness, therefore the less your son stresses about it, the more beneficial it will be for his hair.
  • Balanced diet - Your son should strongly consider a well-balanced diet with the right foods and vitamins that will enable him to get the very best out of his hair. (please see: 10 Foods That Prevent Hair Loss
  • Massage the scalp - Stimulating the scalp has shown great results in hair regrowth. Perhaps your son should consider investing in a dermaroller, as many men and women have found these devices to be hugely beneficial for regrowing hair.
Please note, none of the tips mentioned above have in any way shape or form been medically approved or proven to treat male pattern baldness.

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