How to Reduce Hair Loss and Regrow Hair Naturally

How to Stop Baldness and Regrow Hair Naturally

Tackling the awkward case of hair loss is not an easy task, but it is achievable, if treated in the right way.  The most common form of hair loss (Pattern Baldness) can affect up to 60% of men and 40% of women by the time they reach the age of 40.  This statistic just hows how common hair loss has become.

Can be treated and even reversed?  

We all know there isn't a cure for any type of alopecia, so the next best step is to find an effective treatment.  Now, unlike cures, treatments will always vary with each individual, so it really is a case of finding the right treatment plan that works best for your individually.

We've done some research and come up with 5 key products/methods that are popular with men and women battling hair loss and thinning hair.  So, in order to beat baldness, here is the most effective hair loss plan that you should undertake...

Hair Strengthening Shampoo 

If you suffer from thin hair, then using the right shampoo to combat this is very important. We have mentioned it more than a few times on this website, and we still stand by it as the best shampoo on the market.  Try OGX Biotin & Collagen Shampoo - it's packed with key hair beneficiary ingredients such as biotin and collagen, that help encourage healthy hair growth.  It won't solve your thinning singlehandedly, but it does help maintain the fullness of your locks.

Dermarolling for Hair Growth

A dermaroller is a device that consists of a handle and a rotating wheel at the top, with small needles on it.  The device is used by rolling the wheel of needles onto the skin, puncturing the surface. This is a method that works on the theory of activating hair follicles through micro needling to the skin. This in turn promotes healing, and thus activates hair regrowth.

Many men and women have experienced amazing results from using a dermaroller on their scalps, and it can be particularly effective when used in conjunction with Minoxidil...

Apply Minoxidil 

Minoxidil is a topical liquid/foam that can help regrow lost hair. This is the only medically approved treatment for hair loss, and it can be used by goth men (5%) and women (2%).  Many users have found particularly good results when using minoxidil in conjunction with dermarolling.

For best results, dermaroll your scalp twice a week, and use minoxidil on the other five days of the week.  Do not apply minoxidil on the same day as you have dermarolled.

Take Hair Vitamins

To get the very best from your strands, you should seriously consider trying hair vitamins.  This is the most natural and effective way to slow down the process of hair fall, and help promote the formation of hair growth.
Multi-vitamin hair supplements contain the right blend of ingredients that can benefit your hair when it itat its weakest.  Popular multi-vitamin hair supplements include HR23+ and Viviscal, both being safe and natural alternatives to the harsher prescription drugs like Finasteride.

Eat Plenty of Hair Foods

Perhaps the most important method of all for combating hair loss, is to eat the right foods. Like vitamins, key foods can play a significant role in helping you shed less and grow more.  Foods that are rich in protein, like nuts, fish and cheese, are generally excellent strand promoters.  There are also plenty of foods that can help prevent thinning and shedding.

So, eating a healthy, and well-balanced diet can have huge benefits to your hair.  You may like to read: Foods That Can Promote Hair Growth 

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