Going Bald at 30: How To Treat Hair Loss & Thinning

How to best treat early stages of Male Pattern Baldness

Going bald can't be easy, especially if it is occurring in your late twenties/early thirties.  It is estimated that over 60% of men will suffer from some form of thinning by the age of 40. That's a high figure, and that is why so many men are seeking treatments and advice on the subject of hair loss.

Here, Lawrence Tanner takes us through the hair loss plan that has helped him prevent the effects of early baldness and maintained healthy hair growth.

By Lawrence Tanner (age 30).


I started suffering from thinning at the crown area of the scalp at the age of 28. But I tried not to worry as it was early stages of male pattern baldness, which meant it could be treated. So, I started off with the Minoxidil treatment. Minoxidil is a medically approved treatment for hair loss, proven to give results. You may be more familiar with it as Regaine, which you can purchase in most chemists or supermarkets. However, I went with the cheaper brand, Kirkland - it's exactly the same product at just a fraction of the price.

Minoxidil comes in two forms - liquid and foam - I would recommend you purchase the foam, as it dries instantly, and is less messy to apply. 5% extra strength is the one you want. Apply 1ml (half a cap) twice a day (morning and night) every day. One can of Minoxidil foam will last you around four weeks.

You might feel a little dizzy during the first few applications, but these symptoms should go away as you get used to it.

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Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a North American plant extract. Studies have shown it can prevent the formation of DHT (the cause of baldness). It's a potent extract, so caution is advised, however, I have been taking Saw Palmetto for years (it's also a good treatment to help prevent the risks of prostate cancer), and I definitely noticed less hair falling out after taking it. I was worried about my hair in my late 20s, so that's why I decided to try Saw Palmetto, and I would say it has definitely stopped the amount of shedding that I was experiencing at the time. It's definitely worth a try - and it's very cheap.

There are a lot of myths surrounding Saw Palmetto, but most are exactly that - myths. There's no harm in adding a little Saw Palmetto to your daily intake. Just make sure you don't take too much. 350mg-550mg should suffice.

These are the ones I take - take just one capsule a day with your breakfast. This bottle will last you over three months.

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Biotin is a hair growth promoter, so be sure to add it to your daily intake. Just be sure to stick to them, and don't miss a dosage. Biotin pills are cheap, high dosage, and effective. While Saw Palmetto helps prevent the shedding, Biotin helps promote hair growth - so it's a great combination.

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Biotin & Collagen Shampoo by OGX

There has not been any scientific proof that shampoos can prevent hair loss and help regrow hair. Caffeine based shampoos like Alpecin didn't work for me personally, however, the Biotin & Collagen shampoo by OGX is the best on the market, in my opinion. It won't perform miracles, but it will certainly do more good than harm. Use it 3-4 times a week.

You can just get that from your local supermarket or chemist, at around £6 a bottle. A little goes a long way with this stuff, so it should last you 5-6 weeks.

Multi-Vitamin Supplements

For the hair to thrive, we all need to get certain vitamins and minerals in our daily diet, but this is near impossible through food alone. So, multi-vitamin supplements does that for you. You'll be consuming key hair ingredients like Folic Acid, MSM, Choline, and Gingko Biloba through one convenient pill.

I use HR23+, a carefully formulated multi-vitamin hair supplement that is packed with 23 hair beneficiary ingredients. This supplement has been getting some really positive reviews from the male (and female) users, so it is definitely worth a try. Start off with a three month trial and then asses your results.

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Derma Roller

Here's a little secret from the hair loss industry. Consider using a derma roller. A derma roller is a small device that uses pins to puncture tiny wounds into the skin. In order to heal the wounds, the body produces collagen, which promotes the growth of hair follicles.

This device is used for anti-ageing on the facial skin, but users have discovered it can also work for hair loss. I bought a couple last year because I wanted to try it on my hairline, which has receded slightly over the past few years, but I've not got around to trying it yet. I will though, as I am keen to see how effective it is.

Just roll the pins along the desired area of your scalp once or twice a week. Again, it takes about 1-2 minutes, if that, so no excuses. Derma rollers are mega cheap too (under £10).

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Additional Tips to Beat Hair Loss

I know this looks like a lot, but really it isn't. It's just a case of applying some foam on your scalp and popping a few pills. It's that easy. If you really want to keep your hair then just follow the plan and stick to it.

I know it is easy to be defeatist and negative when it comes to hair loss, but trust me, that doesn't help. Just relax, try and stress less (stress is a major cause of hair loss), and try not to think so much about your hair.  Don't let it become an obsession. Just implement the plan into your daily routine and get on with living life.

Also, remember it is perfectly natural to experience thinning hair as you approach your 30s. All men do. That is a fact. The problem is, most men don't do anything about it and they end up bald by the age of 35. Just start treating your hair now and you'll enjoy your hair for longer.

Happy Hair!

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