How Does Hot Weather Damage Your Hair?

5 Reasons Why Hot Climate Can Be Bad for Your Hair

The vast majority of us suffer from some form of seasonal hair loss, and in many cases, it can lead to severe shedding particularly during the transition from one season to another.

One of the most common seasons for severe shedding is the turn from winter to spring. If you are experiencing hair loss during the early part of spring, then fear not, because this process is perfectly normal.

Here, we look at five main reasons why our hair is particularly at its most vulnerable during the hotter months of the year...

The Sun Can Damage Hair

The sun can actually be pretty bad for your hair. Excessive sun exposure is the most frequent cause of structural impairment of the hair shaft. Sunlight can degrade your hair proteins and pigment, and can even lead to hair protein loss. This commonly results in damage to the strands. The sun also takes moisture away from your hair, leaving it drier, frizzier and rougher in texture.

Excess Water is Bad for your Hair

Although the sun can leave our strands dry, most of us actually expose our hair to water more frequently in the spring and summer seasons, which can be bad for our locks. Getting your hair wet in a swimming pool or in the sea, and then letting it dry from the sun numerous times a day, can be very harmful to the hair. This can result in breakage, split ends, and shedding.

Transition from Cold to Warm Climate Can Damage Hair

Many of us suffer from shedding during early spring season.  For most of us, our hair grows stronger and sheds less during the colder part of the year, so a sudden change in climate (from winter to spring) can cause severe shedding.  

Excess Sweating Can Cause Hair Loss

We sweat more during the hotter period of the year, and this can lead to damaged strands. Constant sweating can seriously weaken our hair shafts, making them vulnerable and prone to breakage. Sweating with sunburn is also bad for the scalp, and this can result in severe shedding.

Dehydration Can Cause Baldness

Like with anything to do with your health, drinking plenty of water is the key to getting the very best out of all aspects of your mind and body.  Your hair is no different to the rest of your body, and drinking plenty of water can only benefit your locks.  However, even though we do drink a lot of water during the hotter months, many of us also drink more alcohol at this time of the year, and couple that with more sweating, and you then begin to see the problem.  It can be easy getting dehydrated during the hot season without even realising it, which can be seriously damaging to your hair. 

How To Protect Your Hair During Hot Climate:

  • Use plenty of SPF on your hair if you are exposed to the sun
  • Wear hats when possible during the peak heat of the day
  • Apply SPF serum or treatment when drying your hair
  • Take plenty of multi-vitamin-hair supplements
  • Do not over-wash your hair, and avoid products with harsh chemicals

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