How To Stop Worrying About Hair Loss

Worry less about baldness and thinning hair

  • Q: I can't stop worrying about my hair.  It's becoming an obsession. I started losing it in my late twenties, I am now 31 and it still bothers me constantly.  All this worrying can't be good for my hair, can it?  How can I stop worrying about it and take my mind off the problem?

Answer:  Fear not, you are definitely not alone. Millions of men (and women) worry about their hair every single day, and if there was a cure for baldness, then perhaps a lot less people would worry about their hair, and live their lives in a happier state.

Hair loss is one of, if not the, most soul-sapping conditions any man or woman can go through in life. Let's face it, no one wants to lose their hair, so it's little surprise that hair loss is such a concern for so many people.

Yes, you are right, constantly worrying about your hair is not going to solve the issue, and it could potentially make it worse, because stress is one of the key factors in speeding up the balding process. But we all know that stressing less is easier said than done.

The are a number of ways you can worry less about your strands, and the first one is to not think about it a much.  If you think less about your strands, you'll worry less about it.  We'd suggest NOT taking pictures of your hair, and stop looking at your hairline in the mirror every day.

You are only torturing yourself and magnifying the issue by constantly looking at your hair.  Just take a step back and focus on the things in life that make you happy.

If you have a treatment plan, then trust in it, get on with it, and do not take 'before and after' pictures. This practice will only make you think more about the problem.  It is likely your hair will grow in thicker if you just forget about the issue and let your treatment do its thing.

Check out a good treatment plan for combating hair loss: How To Treat Baldness & Thinning

Also, be sure to make changes to your lifestyle.  Eat high-protein foods, exercise daily, and take up a hobby like yoga or meditation.  All these things will help reduce stress, and that can only benefit your hair.

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