Do More People Go Bald During Christmas Time?

Why do many of us lose so much hair during the festive season? 

We often get asked the same question: Why do I seem to lose loads of hair during the festive season? Although there is no 'scientific' reasoning behind shedding during December time, there are some viable reasons that could be the answer to this question.

So, with Christmas looming ever closer, we have come up with some common reasons why we think many of you are prone to losing your hair during the festive break.

The winter effect

Seasonal shedding affects nearly of all us, and funnily enough, winter is the season when we experience the least amount of hair shedding and the most amount of hair growth.So what could be the reason behind hair loss during the colder months? 

Well, as it gets colder, naturally we make sure our homes are warmer.  Central heating is not healthy for our strands, for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the rapid change in climate from the cold outdoors to the warm indoor conditions can play havoc on our hair.

This sudden change in temperature can leave our hair dry, damaged and prone to breakage, which could explain why you are seeing more hairs on your pillow every morning. Winter dries your hair because the cold weather removes moisture out of your strands, and this will lead to dandruff. The hair also loses it shine during winter months, so it will appear thinner. Because of dryness, split ends and hair breakage will also become a common thing.

Excess sweating

We usually associate sweating with summer season, but many of us do not realise just how much we sweat during the colder months of the year too. Like in our first point, we sweat more in our homes because we've got the central heating switched on.  We also tend to sweat more when we are outside, due to wearing thick woolly hats and scarves.

Social festivities

There's absolutely no doubt about it - the vast majority of us are at our most 'unhealthy' phase during the build up to Christmas. Our diets are poor, we drink more alcohol than ever, and we're constantly doing things that are not particularly good for our strands.

Our hair depends on a number of factors for it to thrive, and a healthy diet and drinking lots of water is key to this. These are things we tend to neglect during the festive season, and so our hair suffers for it.

Worry and stress

It is proven that December, and particularly January, are months for reflecting. We tend to reflect more than ever during these two months, and hair loss can play a significant role in this.  For some reason, many of us worry a lot as the festive season comes to an end, and as the new year kicks in. With worry comes stress, and with stress comes hair loss.

So, it is no coincidence that the majority of men and women seek hair loss solutions in the month of January.


We tend to get ill more often during the winter season, so flu and fever can also contribute to hair loss. Flu is especially likely to happen during the winter, and it can make your hair brittle and more likely to break.


One of the key contributors to shedding is lack dehydration.  A lack of water can play havoc on our body, and particularity on our strands. As we mentioned above, we sweat a lot during the winter months, but we don't tend to feel as thirsty as we do in summer season, so naturally, our bodies become dehydrated.

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