Football Stars and Hair Transplants

Here are some famous soccer stars who have had hair surgery. This list may surprise you...

David Silva

The Spanish maestro (above) was clearly showing signs of a receding hairline before he shaved off all his locks. Then a visible scar along the temples, and a corrected hairline, demonstrated that David Silva had indeed had hair surgery.  His hair is now growing back into much like it was when he first joined Manchester City all those years ago.

Wayne Rooney

The most famous footballer with a hair transplant is none other than England's leading goal-scorer, Wayne Rooney.  The former Manchester United frontman was experiencing frontal and crownal hair loss in his early twenties, before he decided to opt for surgery. Although still quite thin, Rooney has had his hairline restored and patchy scalp filled.

Ryan Giggs

Another Manchester United legend appeared to have hair surgery a few years back, but not to the extent of Wayne Rooney's. Ryan Giggs seemed to be receding in his thirties, but had minor corrections made to his hairline and crown.  He now wears a mature but slightly fuller looking head of hair.

Cesc F√†bregas 

Much like Ryan Giggs, Cesc F√†bregas appears to have had some work done mainly on the frontal area of his hairline. The Spanish midfielder was evidently receding at the temples shortly after his move from Barcelona to Chelsea, but his hair has now returned to its former glories are some corrective survey. 

Wesley Sneijder

Wesley Sneijder was clearly receding into a Norwood 3 stage back in 2014, but some corrective surgery has since brought his hairline forward a few inches. The Dutch legend continues to keep his hair shortly cropped, but with a stronger and fuller hairline.

Andros Townsend

Speedy winger, Andros Townsend, was receding at the temples in his earlier years, but now he appears to wear a stronger hairline then ever.  We suspect he opted for the micro-pigmentation option, whereby the hairline is tattooed accordingly to give the impression of a head of hair that has ever experienced any type of baldness.

Antonio Conte 

Former player and now manager, Antonio Conte, has perhaps had the most dramatic hair transplant of them all. There are many who suspect the Italian to be wearing a wig, such is the standard of his 'transplant'.  From zero to hair over night -  where did you say you had you surgery done, Antonio?


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