Is David Beckham Going Bald?

Is the world's most famous footballer losing his iconic locks? 

Everything has its day, every fire eventually burns out, and everyone goes past their peak years at some point.  No one is immune to it, including the devilishly handsome and super famous, David Beckham.

Recent pictures taken of the superstar suggest that he might be starting to lose his hair.  Now, we're not talking about him losing it all at once, but rather gradually, as over 60% of men experience this in their 40s.

So, what has happened to Beckham's hair? 

Well, going bald is a very common thing.  Most men (and many women) suffer from it, and many of us experience some sort of hair loss by the age of 30. Your exact formation of baldness all depends on your genetical pool, but thinning can also be caused by common factors like seasonal shedding and serious illness.

Becks seems to be experiencing from a very normal form of thinning, or otherwise known as early stages of male pattern baldness.  Now, although there is no cure for hair loss, there are options to treat it.  Some are more expensive that others, but money isn't really an issue for the former Manchester United winger.


Is Beckham going bald? 

It's hard to say for sure if Becks is actually going bald, or whether it is just a maturing hairline, but one thing is for sure, his hair isn't as thick as it was when he was kicking a ball in his 20s and 30s.

If he is experiencing male pattern baldness, then expect to see more receding at the frontal hairline, along with thinning along the crown region of his scalp. The severity of the hair loss all depends on him individually.  Everyone is different, so the pattern of hair loss varies from person to person.

How can early stages of baldness be treated? 

The key to this question is the world 'early'. The earlier you tackle hair loss, the better chance you will have of maintaining your healthy head of hair for longer. You kind of have to accept that you may lose your hair eventually, but ask yourself this: Would you rather lose your hair at 35 or at 65?

Most of the effective hair loss treatments are designed to slow down and prevent further shedding.  Some treatments can even help regrow lost hair, but not to the point where you've gone from no hair to a full head of hair overnight.  We're talking about very gradual changes that can involve a process that can take months, or even years.

What is the best treatment for baldness? 

Again, it all depends on you individually, as hair treatments will always vary from person to person. What works for you may not work for someone else, so it is hugely important that you remain patient and find a treatment that works well for you individually.

The most effective treatments on the market include:
  • Finasteride - A medically approved pill for male pattern baldness.
  • Minoxidil - A medically approved topical solution for man (5%) and women (2%).
  • Multi-Vitamin Hair Supplements - Natural tablets, packed with key hair nutrients. 
  • Hair Surgery - Hair transplantation and hair micro-pigmentation. 

As for Becks, well, you would expect a man of his wealth, and style, to sort out the problem at some stage.  Early receding and thinning can be tackled head on with a good multi-vitamin supplement, but if he leaves it much longer, he'll most likely need to consider having a Wayne Rooney style hair transplant, which would cost in the region of £10,000- £30,000, depending on his individual case. 

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