Nutrafol or HR23+: Which is Better?


What is the better hair growth supplement - Nutrafol or HR23+? 

We often get asked about hair growth supplements, and which one is the most effective. When it comes to multi-vitamin hair supplements that are effective, there aren't actually a lot to choose from. Most hair supplements are ineffective, but there are a few that can give you good value for your money.

In our humble opinion, the three best multi-vitamin supplements available on the market are Viviscal, Nutrafol, and HR23+.  And by 'best', we mean most effective. A more specific question that is frequently asked is: What is better - Nutrafol or HR23+?

So, for the sake of this debate, let's put Viviscal to one side and focus only on Nutrafol and HR23+.  Let us try to establish which of the two is the better and more effective supplement for hair growth.


Nutrafol is a hair wellness supplement for men and women.  It has two separate supplements, one for men and one for women, respectively. The ingredients are not too dissimilar, with most of the core additives in both supplements.

The product(s) is safe to use and free from any harsh drugs and chemicals.  Its effectiveness is still unclear, as there seems to be a lack of sufficient reviews and testimonials.

Nutrafol recently went through a rebrand, which may explain why these products look new to you. The ingredients are the same as previously, so long-term users should not experience any dip in performance.

The website claims to be all about 'science', but upon inspecting the ingredients in this supplement, there is nothing revolutionary about this formula.  But that isn't to say it's not good.  The ingredients are good, and the majority of additives can benefit the hair hugely.


HR23+ is a hair health supplement designed to help prevent hair loss and support healthy hair growth in men and women, all through one convenient pill.  This supplement contains 23 key ingredients for hair health.

This supplement is also safe to take, and is free from any side-effects.  HR23+ actually tweaked their formula last year (2018), for optimal results.  A statement from the company said "We wanted to take our supplement to the next level, and develop it further for even better results."

The website does not make any far-fetched claims, and like Nutrafol, this supplement is not an FDA approved hair loss treatment. However, HR23+ can help prevent the formation of DHT and also promote healthy hair growth.

The ingredients in this supplement make it one of the best of its kind on the market, for both effectiveness and value for money.

How does Nutrafol and HR23+ compare? 

If truth be told, there are actually quite a few similarities between the two supplements. Both contain a similar core of ingredients, and both brands have a similar philosophy.  However, that's not to say they are the same thing, because both also contain additional minerals and extracts that work in conjunction with their core ingredients.

Both supplements came to market in 2015. HR23+ has the slightly higher success rating of the two with a customer feedback rating of 89%  (86% for men, and 92% for women, respectively). Nutrafol, upon last inspection, has a rating of 82%.

HR23+ now distributes their product to over 60 countries worldwide. Nutrafol is only available in selected areas.  It is unclear why this is.

HR23+ is the more affordable of the two products. A single bottle of HR23+ will cost you around £50 ($65), whereas a single bottle of Nutrafol will set you back around £65 ($85).  HR23+ can be purchased at an even lower price when bought in multi-packs. 

Both Nutrafol and HR23+ contain 120 capsules per bottle, which covers you for one month (30 days). Nutrafol contains Marine Collagen, meaning it is not suited for vegan and vegetarian.  However, HR23+ does not contain any ingredients that derive from meat, therefore it is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Which supplement works the best? 

It is impossible to establish which of the two supplements would work better, because with products like these, results will always vary with each individual.  Both come with impressive user satisfaction ratings, and both formulas seem very good, at least on paper, anyway.  Nutrafol and HR23+ seem pretty equal, and so it all depends what works best for you individually.

As always, we'd advise you to speak to your doctor or a specialist, should you have any concerns about taking any kind of herbal supplements. 


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