Saw Palmetto Serum for Hair Growth

Can Saw Palmetto Serum Stimulate Hair Growth?

Reader question: I have read a lot about Saw Palmetto and its benefits to the hair, so as a sufferer of hair loss, this got me intrigued, naturally.  I did notice that Saw Palmetto is most commonly taken in supplement form, but I also noticed that it can also come in liquid form.  Will the results be just as effective if I apply Saw Palmetto serum/liquid to my scalp, rather than take it in supplement form?

Answer: While Saw Palmetto has been found to block the formation of DHT (the cause of baldness), more tests are needed to confirm this. It should be noted that although Saw Palmetto has been beneficial for the hair, it is not a medically approved treatment for hair loss.

Having said that, Saw Palmetto can help prevent hair loss in men and women who suffer from early stages of thinning, caused various conditions of alopecia, most commonly pattern baldness.

Is Saw Palmetto Effective for Stopping Hair Loss? 

It has yet to be established which form of Saw Palmetto is the most effective for the hair, but the most common form is the supplement. Supplements are easier to take, less fuss, and less time consuming, but some people do not feel comfortable consuming tablets orally, so they opt for an alternative method.

Saw Palmetto can be found in liquid form too. This is no secret.  You would expect the results to be similar to that of a pill, but as stated, more testing would be needed to cement this theory. The best way to find out would be to trial both the pill and the liquid, and compare the results after each testing period.

What is the best Saw Palmetto Serum? 

With regards to the actual brand/product you use - it shouldn't make any difference, as long as the solution is genuine Saw Palmetto.  You cannot go wrong with using pure Saw Palmetto solution, but it could also be worth considering trying a hair growth serum that contains Saw Palmetto, as well as various other complimenting ingredients.

Some, not all, multi-ingredient hair growth serums will contain Saw Palmetto, so it's Just a case of finding on that works best for your hair.  The same can be said about the supplement - most effective multi-vitamin hair growth supplements will contain Saw Palmetto, along with other carefully considered ingredients that compliment it for optimal hair health.

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Health Benefits of Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto isn't just great for blocking DHT, it also comes with a whole host of other health benefits. The most common benefits associated with Saw Palmetto include:
  • Used as a dietary supplement for urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate gland 
  • Can minimise chronic pelvic pain
  • Can help increase sex drive
  • Helps minimise migraines and various other internal pains 

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