Why Spring Season is Bad for Your Hair

Spring is the worst possible season for our hair! 

If you're wondering why you seem to be losing so much hair during April and May, then fear not, this is a completely normal process that millions of people go through every year.

Losing your hair, or just thinning out somewhat, is usually down to seasonal hair loss.  Hair shedding is at its fiercest during this time of the year, because we go into a temporary phase where the hair sheds as preparation for the hotter months ahead.

This process is not too dissimilar to the way some animals shed their fur during certain seasons, only to regrow it during the colder months.  For humans, the most common time of shedding is during the months of spring.

The problem is, seasonal shedding isn't the only reason so many of us suffer from thinning hair at this time of the year. Spring has this nasty habit of being a terrible time of year for our locks, for so many different reasons, and here we look at the some of the main culprits.

Bank Holiday Season 

The UK has three bank holiday weekends in spring - that's more than in any other season. For many Brits, the bank holiday season is a time to go out, have fun, and look forward to the summer months ahead. Bank holiday weekends usually consist of lots of drinking, partying, and bad eating.  It's almost like a festive time in spring.

The problem is, these are huge factors when it comes to the health of our hair.  Diet and healthy living is essential for our locks to thrive, and so a sudden lack of minerals and nutrients, coupled with vast amounts of alcohol, can play absolute havoc with our hair, especially if you are already prone to seasonal shedding.

Exposure To The Sun

As the cold winter gets left behind, the climate gets warmer, and we see a lot more of the sun! The problem is, the spring chill can be very misleading.  One of the main causes of hair damage is the UV rays, but we do not notice them as much in the spring, because it is not as hot as it is in the summer.

Because of this, many of us do not protect our strands sufficiently enough, which can lead to damage and breakage, just when you are least expecting it.  Not many people realise just how damaging the sun can be to our hair, especially when it's chilly.

Vitamin Deficiency

A lack of key vitamins and minerals can leave you feeling tired and low on energy, which isn't ideal for your mind, body or hair!  Getting those key vitamins and minerals into your diet should be an essential part of your daily hair care routine, especially during spring season. 

A deficiency in key hair health vitamins can often cause hair loss as it can affect the health of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to your tissues.  B12 and B7 are hugely important vitamins for the hair, obtained through key proteins.

Dieting and Weight Loss

Losing weight dramatically can also play havoc with your strands. Spring and autumn are the two most common seasons that people diet.  In the case of spring, it's because many of us want that perfect beach body for the summer season ahead.

A steep drop on the scales can impact your locks quite badly. 6-12 weeks after dramatic weight loss, hair commonly tends to fall out in excess. This means that any nutritional deficiency often first shows up in our hair. Crash dieting exposes the weakness in the hair, particularly during the shedding season.

What can you do to stop thinning hair? 

If you're noticing changes in your hair during spring season, then be sure to strike up the right balance of living healthy and enjoying yourself.  We've only got one life, so there is little point spending most of it worrying about your hair - however, it would be wise to find a way of managing your hair, without compromising on your enjoyment of life.

If you're going to slim down then do it in a healthy way, by getting plenty of exercise and eating the right foods. For all the best foods that promote hair growth, please see: 10 Foods That Prevent Hair Loss.

Get your vitamins into your diet, whether it may be through B7, B12 supplements, or even better - try multi-vitamin hair supplements.  They really can make the world of difference to your hair, especially during a time when it needs it most.


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