HR23+ Hair Growth Supplement Review: Does it Work?

How effective is HR23+ for treating hair loss?

Baldness can affect over 60% of men and 40 % of women by the age of 40. The hair loss treatment market is estimated to be worth over £2 billion, and that figure will rise further over the next five years.

HR23+ Hair Growth Supplement is one of the leading multi-vitamin hair supplements on the market, and here, we look into this intriguing product, and try to establish how effective it really is for combating baldness in men and women.

What is HR23+ Hair Growth Supplement?

HR23+ is a multi-vitamin supplement designed to reduce hair loss and support healthy hair growth in men and women who suffer from early stages of baldness and thinning hair. This hair health supplement is currently developed and formulated in the United Kingdom. HR23+ was released to the UK market 2014, and then internationally in 2015.  It has since gone on to become Europe's fastest growing hair supplement.
HR23+ is a property of Your Next Remedy, and it is not FDA approved as a treatment for baldness. However,it does come with a 90% customer satisfaction rating, ranking it as one of the best hair growth supplements on the market.

HR23+ also have a topical scalp therapy serum, but for the sake of this review, we will stick to the supplement.

What are the ingredients in HR23+?

HR23+ contains 23 active ingredients which include Niacin, Zinc, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Folic Acid, Nettle Leaf Extract, and Ginkgo Biloba.  The full list of ingredients can be seen on the label below.
This supplement contains a unique blend of hair growth agents and DHT blocking properties that work in conjunction with each other to help reduce hair fall and stimulate healthy hair growth.  HR23+ is not a cure for baldness, but it can help patients suffering from early stages of hair loss.

How does the HR23+ formula treat baldness? 

The ingredients in this supplement cater for the production of tyrosine, which is essential for the maintenance of the cells for hair follicles. They also help build capillaries and improve the blood flow to the scalp, thus stimulating hair growth.

HR23+ also helps form lecithin, which is a lipid that is needed to form and maintain healthy hair cells.  HR23+ can also increase the effectiveness of inositol to help protect hair follicle membranes, and the combination Biotin and Saw Palmetto to help reduce the pattern of hair fall and increase the rate of hair growth.

This supplement only uses ingredients that have in some way shape or form been associated or proven to be effective at boosting hair health.  There have been no independent clinical trials on this product.

HR23+ side-effects? 

There have been no reported major negative side-effects from users of HR23+ supplement. From looking at the basic formula alone, it is very unlikely for a user to experience any sort of negative side-effects. The formula is only made from safe and natural ingredients, therefore it is unlikely it would cause any complications to your health.

However, it is always advised to speak to your doctor before taking supplements that you are unfamiliar with.

HR23+ User Reviews

HR23+ has been very well received by users and reviewers since its release in 2015. The reviews on the website average 4.8/5.0, and the reviews across reviewer sites comes to an impressive 4.3/5.0.  It is unclear what percentage of the reviews are genuine, but HR23+ is fairly well received on various hair loss forums and communities.

HR23+ price and where to buy

The standard price for a bottle of HR23+ Hair Growth Supplement is around £50.00 (58 Euro, or $65.00). One bottle will last for four weeks.  However, HR23+ can be purchased at a lower price with package deals of three bottles.

This supplement is priced at the higher end of the market, which is understandable when you consider how much is in the formula, and how effective it appears to be.

This product is available worldwide, including countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and selected European countries.

HR23+ Review: The Verdict

HR23+ is not a cure for baldness, and nor should it ever claim to be, however, it can help treat baldness in certain individuals.  If taken with a well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, this supplement has the potential to slow down hair shedding and improve hair growth. 

HR23+ needs to be taken on a regular basis, and you should not expect to see any sort of visible results until 2-3 months of continuous use.  However, some users reported visible improvements in their hair after only two weeks of using the supplement.

This product was designed for men and women experiencing early stages of hair loss, but it may not necessarily work for everyone, but it is likely to work for most users. Results will vary from person to person.

HR23+ 2019 Rating:  4.5/5

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