Made In Chelsea’s Olivia Bentley Reveals Hair Loss Heartache

Reality TV celebrity Olivia Bentley has admitted she suffers from hair loss, and the impact it has had on her life.  The Made In Chelsea star has revealed that she suffers from alopecia in the hope it will help other women feel less embarrassed and more open about the condition.

Bentley said her hair loss started the same time she was prescribed the combined oral contraceptive pill aged only 16.  The 23 year old says it has impacted her life dramatically, making her feel depressed and insecure. 

She also admitted to having dyed her hair blonde in order to make her patchy hair loss less noticeable, as well as wearing hairpieces and hats.

Bentley told Hello! magazine: “I suffer from hair loss, and it’s left me with feelings of insecurity over the years, so I’ve tried to hide my bald patches and receding hairline by wearing hats and hairpieces, and dyeing my naturally dark brown hair blonde.

“Instead of retreating into my insecurity and concealing my hair loss even more, I decided to go public.

“Not enough is spoken about alopecia in women. It’s still a taboo subject we tend to hide. Now I hope that by coming forward, I will encourage other women and girls in the same situation not to feel upset or embarrassed any more.”

“Every time I washed my hair in the shower, I could feel clumps of hair falling out in my hand. And whenever I brushed it, there would be masses of hair in the bristles. To go through that as a young girl was awful.”

How common is female hair loss? 

Female baldness is not as common as male baldness, but the statistic is still pretty high. It is estimated that up to four out of ten women experience some form of hair thinning by the age of 40. For men, that figure is closer to six out of ten.

What are the types and causes of female hair loss? 

There are various types if female hair loss with common causes.  The most common form is female pattern baldness, which is a genetic type of baldness that commonly starts with thinning at the top of the scalp, in and around the centre parting region.

Other common causes of female baldness include:
  • Post-Partum Hair Loss - Thinning hair during or straight after pregnancy.
  • Menopausal Hair Loss - Balding just before or after the menopause.
  • Seasonal Shedding - Excess hair shedding during certain seasons, most commonly in spring. 
  • Temporary Hair Loss - Temporary phases of thinning, commonly caused by stress, poor diet, and lifestyle. 


How can female hair loss be treated? 

Like any type of baldness, there is no cure, but there are some treatments available on the market that can minimise the effects of thinning, and reduce the amount of hair fall.

Minoxidil (2% for women) is the only topical solution that is medically approved to treat hair loss, but it can come with potential negative side-effects.

There are plenty of natural treatments that can work, such as hair growth serums, multi-vitamin supplements, and certain shampoos and topical lotions. Also, a good diet and healthy lifestyle can actually help you get the very best from your hair, especially if you are prone to thinning.

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