TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Supplement Review: Does it Work?

How effective is TRX2 for treating hair loss?

Baldness can affect more than 60% of men and 40 % of women by the age of 40.  This statistic is enough to cause alarm in most hair loss sufferers, which is why there are so many products and 'treatments' on the market that claim to be the best solution.

TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Supplement is one of those products, and here, we look into this intriguing supplement, and try to establish how effective it really is for combating baldness in men and women.

What is TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Supplement?

TRX2 is a dietary supplement by Oxford BioLabs, and is manufactured in Germany.  The company claim TRX2 can prevent hair loss and regrow hair by maintaining the membrane potential of hair follicles, stimulating the de novo synthesis of potassium channels, restoring potassium channel activity/functionality, and hyperpolarising hair follicles.

The development of TRX2 started in 2009, but the product was not released to market until 2011. CEO and Founder, Thomas Whitfield, has a PHD in Biochemistry.  Whitefield set out to create a supplement that could be the closest thing to a cure for baldness.

Oxford BioLabs does have a history of breaking Trading Standard regulations, and it was forced to change and much of their content in their advertising, due to giving illegal and insufficient claims about the product, TRX2.

Oxfrd BioLabs also have other hair products in the TRX2, but for the sake of this review, we will stick to the supplement.

What are the ingredients in TRX2 supplement?

TRX2 contains eight active ingredients which are: Carnipure Tartrate, Potassium Chloride, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Niacin, Zinc, and Vitamin B7.
Although some of its ingredients, such as Niacin, Zinc, and Vitamin B7, are associated with hair health, there is nothing to suggest that this supplement could help prevent hair fall and promote hair growth. TRX2 is not FDA approved, and therefore cannot be branded as a treatment for hair loss.

How does the TRX2 formula treat baldness? 

Oxfrd BioLabs claims the supplement works by reactivating and stimulating potassium ion channels in hair follicles, whilst providing additional nutrients to help hair grow.  Potassium channels are protein structures found in many cells of the human body. They help vital nutrients cross cell membranes.

Studies have indicated that opening potassium channels plays an important part in hair growth, but there isn't enough evidence to suggest that consuming potassium could play any kind of role in reversing baldness.

 There have been no independent clinical trials on this product.

TRX2 side-effects? 

There have been no reported major negative side-effects from users of TRX2 supplement. From looking at the basic formula alone, it is very unlikely for a user to experience any sort of negative side-effects. The formula is not potent enough to cause any complications.

However, it is always advised to speak to your doctor before taking supplements that you are unfamiliar with.

TRX2 User Reviews

TRX2 has a mixture of positive and negative reviews, however, the overall rating of this supplement has dropped considerably since our initial review of the product back in 2016.

The reviews on Amazon average at 3.2/5.0, and the reviews across reviewer sites comes to a disappointing 2.2/5.0.  It is unclear what percentage of the reviews are genuine, but TRX2 is not well received on various hair loss forums and communities.

TRX2 price and where to buy

The standard price for a bottle of TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Supplement is around £56.00 (65 Euro, or $75.00). One bottle will last for four weeks.  However, TRX2 can be purchased at a lower price with package deals of three bottles.

This supplement is priced at the higher end of the market, which is unusual when you consider how basic the formula is, and how few ingredients it contains.

This product is available worldwide, including countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and selected European countries.

TRX2 Review: The Verdict

TRX2 is not a cure for baldness, and nor should it ever claim to be, however, it can help with hair health, even if only slightly. This supplement has the potential to slow down hair shedding somewhat, but it is highly unlikely that it can promote new hair growth. The results are likely to be very minimal, if at all.

This hair supplement needs to be taken on a regular basis, and you should not expect to see any sort of visible results until 5-6 months of continuous use. This product was designed for men and women experiencing early stages of hair loss, but it may not necessarily work for everyone. Results will vary from person to person.

Is TRX2 for with expensive monthly fee? Well, based on the formula and the reviews, it probably isn't.  TRX2 is not a bad health supplement, but it isn't a very valid solution or treatment for hair loss.

TRX2 2019 Rating:  2/5

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