Hair Growth Sprays: Do They Work?

What are hair growth sprays, and do they work? 

There are literally thousands of products on the market that claim to treat baldness in one way or another.  Some products can be quite effective, but in reality, most of them do not work.

There are many types of treatment for hair loss. The most common form is the supplement, but they come in other forms such as serums, shampoos, electrical devices, powders, and sprays. 

Hair 'Growth' Sprays have found a common place on the market in recent years, and some of the claims that these brands make are quite outrageous. Hair loss clinic owner, and hair specialist, David Trapp, says - "These hair growth sprays have been gradually popping up online over the past five or six years. Most of them are imported from China, under the original brand name, YUDA. They offer private label services, which means many companies are purchasing the exact same spray, and adding their own label to the can."

There are certain things you just shouldn't buy from China, and cosmetics should be the first thing to avoid. You don't really know what you are buying, because the rules and regulations on labelling is much looser over there than it is in Europe, or in the US.


Will hair growth sprays promote hair growth?

Despite the far-fetched claims these brands make, it is unlikely that any hair growth spray will regrow hair. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that any type of hair growth spray can, or has, in any way stopped hair loss and stimulated new hair growth.

Some of these sprays claim to contain Minoxidil, and some even state the solution is as high as 10%.  The highest solution Minoxidil you can legally purchase in Europe and the US is 5% (for men).  The highest recommended usage for women is 2% solution.

It is worrying that a brand from China claims to have a 10% Minoxidil solution, and markets itself as a unisex product. Any 10% Minoxidil solution is most definitely not safe, and such a formula would not be legally allowed to purchase in Europe and the US.
David Trapp goes on to say - "When I first saw this product I knew it was a load of nonsense. Just top confirm my suspicions, I purchased a bottle of YUDA hair growth spray online from a Chinese company, so I could do some testing on it. And as expected, I found the solution to be a fake.  After much testing, there was no trace of Minoxidil solution in the formula. So, to claim it has Minoxidil, and at 10% solution, is absolutely ludicrous."

So, hair growth sprays are fake? Trapp says - "I can't speak for all these sprays on the market, but if any of them are related to YUDA, then I would definitely say they're fake.  You are being lied to, and although they are cheap, you should save your money and spend it elsewhere."

What are the alternatives to hair growth sprays? 

If, like many people who use sprays, you are uneasy about taking supplements, then there are plenty of topical solutions on the market that could be worth trying.  Minoxidil can be purchased under a number of different brand names such as Regaine, in liquid or foam from.

Saw Palmetto can be used as a topical solution, more commonly in serum from, as too can Biotin. A good multi-vitamin serum will likely contain these two ingredients, as well as many other hair beneficiary additives.

Shampoos have not got any scientific backing to be treatments for baldness, but they can hep improve the appearance and texture of the hair. Caffeine based shampoos have become particularly popular in recent years, and are definitely worth trying, especially alongside a good hair care routine.

Remember, there are many simple things that you can do on a daily basis that will enable you to get so much more from your strands.  A healthy diet and lifestyle will benefit your hair, as will plenty of rest.  Scalp massaging is also a great way to stimulate hair growth, as are home made remedies such as onion juice, lemon juice, and green tea.

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