Beware, These Hair Loss Treatments do NOT Work

By Steve Scott

I've been in a battle with hair loss for most of my adult life. I started noticing baldness at around the age of 23, and now, nearly ten years on, the subject of hair loss remains embedded in my mind.

Hair loss isn't an easy thing to deal with, especially at a young age.  Watching all my friends cruise through their 20s with full heads of thick, luscious hair, I could only envy them, as my hair was getting progressively thinner.

I still look back in anger and resent the card I was dealt in life. I mean, seriously, why did I have to start losing my hair at such a young age? Nothing seemed fair, and as much as it all left me feeling distraught and low in confidence, I wasn't about to go down without a fight. 

Searching for an effective hair loss treatment

I immediately started searching for solutions, treatments and cures. In fact, I still keep my eye on the market to see if anything new pops up, or if a miraculous new cure has been found. I guess I live in hope, but curing baldness isn't something I am in control of. So, I can only treat my hair with what is readily available on the market.

With all that said, I made it my mission to find a treatment plan that would at least enable me to slow down, and even stop the hair loss process. It's been a decade which I have suffered a lot, and been let down on so many occasions, but at the same time, it has also been a stretch of ten years of learning and finding a solution that works for my hair.

Learning the hard way

In the ten years I've been trying treatments for my hair, I would say most have been a complete waste of time and money.  Now, I am all too aware that different treatments and hair care products will work differently with each individual, so I wasn't unrealistic about the process of finding something that works.

However, there were some products I tried that did absolutely nothing for my hair, and I'd like to share these with you.

Before I do, I should also note that it is not my intention to slander any brands or products on the market. This is simply my experience and thoughts with using the products I am about to mention, and they are of my opinion only.

Hair loss treatments that DO NOT work

I have tried various hair loss products over the years, most of which haven't worked, but here are some of the ones that I was most disappointed by, not because they were the worst of the lot (I mean, if a product doesn't work, it doesn't work), but because I had high hopes before using them.


I was particularly excited about trying YUDA 'Hair Growth Spray after seeing it advertised online. This Chinese brand claimed it could reverse baldness and help regrow hair.  Now, I should state that this was the first ever product I tried for my hair.  I wasn't very knowledgeable about the subject, and I guess I let myself get suckered into this little scam.

I wouldn't even consider buying this kind of product now, and I really should have known better back then, but that's what desperation can do to a person - you'll pretty much believe anything you want to believe.  Anyway, you won't be shocked to know that YUDA spray was completely ineffective, and all it did was leave my hair greasy, which actually made it look even thinner that it was!


Alpecin have a number of different hair care products in their line, which are mainly shampoos. I was particularly keen to try some of these products because they were advertising quite heavily on TV, and the reviews seemed very positive.

However, I think I expected far too much from Alpecin, and I was inevitably left quite disappointed by the products. I noticed no change in my hair from using these products, but that's not to say you will have the same experience as me.

Follicle Fuel

Now, I wouldn't say Follicle Fuel is a bad hair supplement, as such, but it could be a whole lot better. It almost feels like a supplement that is only half finished.  It does contain some decent ingredients, but it lacks real depth to the formula, which a good multi-vitamin hair supplement needs.

I tried this for three months, and I didn't notice any change in my hair. I gave up on this one pretty quickly, because I knew the chances of it working would be very slim.  I would be amazed if anyone actually noticed visible results from using Follicle Fuel.

Hair Again by John Kelby

For some weird reason, I went and purchased the eBook 'Hair Again by John Kelby'. I guess I was hoping I would discover some amazing new cure for hair loss, but I was only left disappointed.  These kinds of eBooks have never been my thing, and I'm still surprised I wasted nearly fourty quid of my hard earned money on this absolute pile of rubbish.

Hair Again is basically an eBook full of ways to combat hair loss. The reality of it is, it's a complete scam. If you're easily mugged off, then you'll love this book.  It's filled with magic potions that promise to stimulate hair strands and promote a full head of hair.  In the real world, it's just a load of BS.

TRX2 hair supplement

I haven't ever been more excited to try a hair loss treatment as I was when I first read about TRX2. This new hair supplement, developed by scientists in Oxford, was surely the answer to my problem. Well, that's what I told myself, anyway.

The truth is, TRX2 was the biggest disappointment of the lot.  I still don't think I ever really forgave myself for allowing myself to get my hopes so high about this product.  I used this for about 18 months, and about £1000 later, I didn't notice a single new hair.  I was devastated!

Now that I am more educated about hair loss treatments and ingredients, I can see TRX2 for what it really is.  To me, it is nothing more than a pill that contains a few ingredients, and a load of potassium.  There is nothing to suggest that TRX2 can in any way shape or form treat hair loss in men or women.  It appears to be nothing more than a money-making machine.

Hair Loss Treatments that DO work... 

Amazingly, I still have hair.  Ok, so it's not quite as full and as thick as it was ten years ago, but after much trial and error, I have managed to settle on a hair loss treatment plan that works for me.

I often take Biotin supplement orally, along with Saw Palmetto Serum, which I apply onto my scalp about 3-4 times a week. I also have a hair laser comb, which I use about once a week.

I have been taking HR23+ multi-vitamin hair supplement for about a year now, and it seems to be helping.  HR23+ is superior to any other multi-vitamin hair supplement that I have tried.

Shampoos do not treat hair loss, but I always try and use shampoos that are free of chemicals and therefore cause less damage to the hair.

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