Hair Loss Myths Explained: The Truth About Baldness

hair loss myths explained

The real truth about Hair Loss

'Hair loss' is one of the most widely explored topics, both online and offline. The hair loss treatment industry is said to be worth nearly £3 billion, and that figure is set to grow further over the coming years. 

With so much information on the topic of hair loss, much of it can be contradictory, and so it's difficult to know exactly what's true and what is false. We have to remember, there are a lot of companies out there looking to profit from hair loss, so much of what you read and research on the topic, should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

In this article, we look at some of the most common hair loss "myths" out there, and we'll explain exactly how accurate (or inaccurate) they are. 

My dad is bald, so does that mean I will go bald?

While it is true that a common cause of male pattern baldness is genetics, or having a family history of baldness, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll lose your hair if your father, uncle or brother has.  

Research has found that male pattern baldness is associated with male sex hormones called androgens. The androgens have many functions, including regulating hair growth. Each hair on your head has a growth cycle. How bald you get, really depends on your individual genetic makeup. 

Does Biotin regrow your hair?

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, stimulates keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of follicle growth. While biotin is added to some shampoos that claim to reduce hair loss, there is no evidence that this works.

Biotin can help increase the speed of your hair growth, but it will not regrow lost hair. However, Biotin can strengthen the hair, as well as increase the strength and speed of nails. 

Does Saw Palmetto block DHT? 

Despite limited research, Saw Palmetto has been used for years to treat many things, including hair loss. However, more studies and testing is needed to confirm just how effective Saw Palmetto is. 

Saw Palmetto is an anti-androgen, but it lacks the potency needed to deliver results on a grand scale. Saw Palmetto has shown to be more effective for stopping hair loss when taken in conjunction with complimenting ingredients, as part of a multi-vitamin supplement. 

Is my doctor always right about hair loss treatments?

When it comes to hair loss, many doctors aren't actually as qualified to recommended you a treatment as you may think. That's not to say they all don't know what they're talking about, but hair loss is a specific topic that needs careful research. 

If you're looking for a hair loss treatment plan, then you are best off going to a certified hair clinic. From there, they can recommend you the right treatment plan to help you tackle baldness in the best possible way. 

Are Finasteride and Minoxidil my only viable hair loss treatment options? 

Finasteride and Minoxidil are the only two medically approved treatments for baldness, but that's not to say they're your only options. There are a number of viable treatments you can try in order to halt hair loss, such as multi-vitamin supplements, topical serums, micro-needling, laser treatment, or even hair surgery. 

When it comes to treating hair loss, results will always vary from person to person. This is due to the fact there isn't a set cure for baldness, and so different treatments will work differently on each individual. 

Is it normal to lose 100 hairs a day?

It may sound excessive, but it is absolutely normal to lose between 50-100 hairs every single day. The hair shedding process occurs daily, and for some people who experience seasonal hair loss, the shedding can increase during certain times of the year. 

As long as you are growing new hair during the shedding, your hair growth cycle is perfectly normal. However, it only becomes a problem when you are losing hair, but not re-growing it at the same rate.  That's when baldness occurs. 

Can wearing hats lead to hair loss?

Wearing hats will not lead to hair loss. Tightening the hair may lead to pulling and damage to the strands, but permanent forms of hair fall, like pattern baldness, are not caused by wearing a hat. 

The same could also be said about the theory of over-washing your hair. Washing your hair regularly with shampoo will not cause hair loss. It is true that too much washing can make your hair finer, and more suspect to breakage, but generally speaking, it is good to wash your hair 3-4 times a week. 

Does stress cause hair loss? 

While everyday stress is not typically enough to cause hair loss all by itself, it is true that big traumatic events (like a long term illness, for example) have been linked to hair fall. Severe stress can cause your hair to go into a longer “resting phase” in which hair follicles pause to regenerate hair. It can also cause alopecia areata, a form of patchy hair loss.

This type of hair loss is only temporary, though, so treating it would be different to treating a permanent form of hair loss, such as pattern baldness. 

Do bald men have more testosterone? 

Studies have shown that balding men have the same testosterone levels as men with a full head of hair. This doesn’t mean that hormones don’t play a role, however. They do, and studies have shown a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is to blame, and men who go bald just happen to be more sensitive to it than men who don't. 

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