5 Celebrities Who Make a Receding Hairline Look Good

Baldness is not a nice thing to go through in life. In fact, losing your hair is often regarded as one of the worst experiences that any person can go through. 

Although some guys can pull off the shaved head look, like Bruce Willis or Dwayne Johnson, for example, but, for most of us, it's not a great look.  However, you may just be surprised at how good a receding hairline can look. 

Don't believe us? Take a look at these five famous guys rockin' their receding hairlines. It just goes to show that hair loss, in whatever form, doesn't have to be a bad thing... 

Henry Cavill

Let's face it, the Superman actor looks pretty damn awesome with a receding hairline. It seems to suits his face shape, and helps enhances his general look. Cavill has a Norwood Hamilton 2-3 receding pattern, which suggests he's experiencing very early stages of male pattern baldness, but approaching 40, he should still have plenty of hair for the foreseeable future.

famous men with receding hairline

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has always had a high hairline, with slight recession at the temples. This doesn't necessarily mean it's male pattern baldness, as some guys only experience a maturing of the hairline. Many men will develop a high hairline, without going bald, and luckily for Ryan, it suits him perfectly.

Ryan Reynolds hairline

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck's hairline seemed much more receded when he was in his 20s and 30s, which leads us to believe he's probably had some hair surgery at some point. But even so, with his squared jawline, and dashing good looks, the slight recession actually enhances his appearance and attractiveness. His hairline suits him down to a tee.

Ben Affleck hairline

hair loss treatment for receding hairline

Jude Law

Never has there been a more iconic hairline than that of British actor, Jude Law. Ok, so it helps that Jude is one handsome chap, but his attractiveness comes from his confidence in his hairline. Unlike other famous men, like Enrique Iglesias, Jude has never tried to hide his recession, which actually takes the focus away from it. This is a very attractive trait in itself. 

Jude Law hairline


Harry Styles

Harry Styles has always had a widows peak, even since his teen years. The recession has developed as he's got older, but to be fair to the former One Direction singer, the hairline suits suit him well. Much like Jude Law, Harry doesn't try to hide his hairline - instead, he makes it work. Even with longer hair, this shows that a receding hairline can still look good, and be worked into a style. 
Harry Styles hairline

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