The HR23+ Hair Supplement Review, 8 Years On

HR23+ hair supplement review 2022

A review of HR23+ hair supplement, 8 years after its release

Hair supplements have been around for a while. In fact, some of the first hair growth supplements, like Provillus and Procerin, were impacting the market as early as the mid 2000s. Procerin, at one point, was the biggest selling hair supplement for men, in the US.

Going by what history tells us, hair supplements tend to come and go. It's not often you see a hair supplement stick around for more than five years, such is the competitiveness of the market, and the emphasis that is put on the product's results. 

David Hopkins, a trichologist based in the UK says, "There is always a buzz and excitement when a new hair supplement comes onto the market. Naturally, we become hopeful that this is the one that could solve our hair loss issues. The reality is, most hair supplements have little to no effect on the hair, which is why they don't last long."

One particular hair supplement that came onto the market, back in late 2014, was the rather unknown brand, at the time, HR23+. Unlike its competitors, there was no heavy marketing, very little PR, and not much in the way of advertising. HR23+ crept onto the market, quietly. But it didn't stay quiet for long... 

Omar Gani, director of online health and wellness brand, YourNextRemedy, remembers the time well: "TRX2 was the most popular and talked about hair supplement at the time of HR23+'s release. TRX2 had been on the market for around three years by the time HR23+ was launched. We were distributing TRX2, which was our top selling hair product, but as soon as we started offering HR23+ to our customers, the brand gradually grew." 

Gani goes on to say, "We were seeing over 90% of our customers convert from TRX2 to HR23+. I remember the time well, around late 2016, HR23+ exploded in popularity, and continued to grow. In the end, of the two supplements, HR23+ sold more, and gained the better customer reviews and feedback."

So, nearly a decade on from its release, what do we make of what is now one of the leading hair supplements on the market? Did this supplement live up to its claims, or is it just another overhyped gimmick in a long line of failed hair products?
HR23+ hair supplement review
Originally developed in the USA, but moved to the UK at the start of 2015, HR23+® Hair Supplement was released to market, as a trial, in late 2014, exclusively sold at YourNextRemedy. It positioned itself as a hair loss prevention supplement, with a potent and safe formula for men and women.

Once in the UK, HR23+ officially hit the market in January 2015, such was the success of the trial period. Within just six months of its release, HR23+ was the fastest growing hair supplement in Europe.

"...even now, HR23+ is still the best hair supplement on the market"

The product's formula consists of 23 key ingredients, designed to help prevent excessive hair shedding, and support the function of healthy hair growth. Working at the root cause of hair loss, the formula's combination of antiandrogens and hair growth promoters, could positively influence the functioning of hair follicles and provide essential nutrients to hair strands.

HR23+ did not position itself to be a revolutionary product, and there were never any unrealistic claims attached to the brand. However, the delivered results, and user reviews, would suggest that HR23+ was an effective product for the prevention of early stages of hair loss.  

The early reviews

Trichologist and content provider for HLRC, David Griffiths, remembers reviewing HR23+ for the first time - "I was sent some free bottles to try and review. I remember being intrigued by the supplement, so I gave it a fair trial of six months. I also passed some onto my patients, who trialled the product for themselves."

Griffiths goes on to say, "Based on HR23+'s ingredients, results, and patient feedback, even now, I would still rate it as the best hair supplement on the market. It won't cure baldness, but it's the next best thing - and it's a safe alternative to harsh prescription drugs."

What do we make of HR23+ now? 

Eight years on from its release, HR23+ is still on the market, which is a testament to its effectiveness. There are still many men and women who have been using the supplement since its release, which again, shows how good the product is. 

Like with any hair supplement of this nature, the only thing that it would be judged on would be its effectiveness. You can dress something up as much as you like, but when it comes to treating hair loss, the only thing the consumer truly cares about is if the product actually works. 

HR23+ hair growth supplement review

Does HR23+ work? 

As stated, hair growth supplement brands do not tend to stay on the market for long. They usually peak early, and then eventually fizzle about. This is because, in most cases, the supplement hasn't proved to be effective. 

HR23+ has remained on the market for nearly a decade after its release, which is an excellent achievement, in itself. The product's popularity has grown, and it still gains positive reviews from its male and female users. 

It should be said that, despite its effectiveness in preventing hair loss, HR23+ is in no way, shape or form, a treatment for baldness. This product is not medically approved. 

"HR23+ has set new standards in the hair supplement market"

HR23+ can prevent hair loss and help with the maintenance of normal hair growth, in men and women experiencing early stages of hair loss. 

David Griffiths said of the product, "When I look back on the HR23+ journey, I give it plenty of credit where it's due. It raised the bar, and set new standards in the hair supplement market. Although it won't cure baldness, performance-wise, I do not think there is a more effective product than this. As far as hair supplements go, HR23+ is the best out there, in my professional opinion." 


In years to come, HR23+ will always have its place in the hair supplements hall of fame. Its significance in this sector cannot be undervalued. HR23+ raised the level in performance of hair supplements, and has gone onto become a market leader.  

Before the emergence of HR23+, the market was packed with cheap, low quality hair supplements. The vast majority of which had no visible effects on the hair.  HR23+ changed the game, and since its release, we've seen some other high quality, effective hair supplements hit the market, with success. 

For many men and women, HR23+ is the most effective hair supplement. However, if there is one criticism about the product, it would be its price. At £54.95 a bottle, for just a one month supply, HR23+ is unaffordable to many people. However, the brand do regular offers and discounts, so sign up to their newsletter to get the product for much less. 
In 2015, HR23+ also developed and released a topical scalp therapy serum. This is can be used with the supplement, or separately, on its own.  

For more information on HR23+, visit their website 

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  1. I have been using HR23+ for around four years, and I'm very pleased with the results. It stopped the hair loss, and even added thickness to my hair. I dropped my daily dosage from 4 capsules to 2, and all seems ok.
    I'd highly recommend this supplement, it's the real deal.

  2. Great supplement. Been using HR23+ for three years, it works!

  3. I suffered from chronic androgenic alopecia for years. I tried so many different kinds of treatments from topical serums and pills, to expensive procedures like PRP, but nothing really worked. That's until I came across HR23+. Since taking HR23+ my shedding has been significantly reduced, and my hair looks and feels much thicker and fuller than it has done in years. This supplement has not completely reversed my hair loss, but it's done more than I could have asked for, and it is certainly the most effective treatment that I have ever tried. I recommend HR23+ very highly indeed.


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