Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Growth Products Review

Scandinavian Biolabs hair growth products review

Scandinavian Biolabs hair growth products: Do they work?

By David Griffiths

Scandinavian Biolabs is a company that focuses on developing and providing solutions for hair health and wellness. They offer products designed to address issues such as hair loss and promote overall hair health.

The Scandinavian Biolabs range consists of a non-medical hair products that can assist with the prevention of excessive hair loss, and the promotion of healthy hair growth, in both men and women. This has become a popular range, and the brand is visible across various social media channels. 

Let us take a look at the Scandinavian Biolabs range, and asses the effectiveness of the products. 

The Scandinavian Biolabs products

Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum

First up is the Bio-Pilixin® Serum that has been developed to help reduce hair loss and support the growth of hair. It contains multiple plant growth factors that have been developed through stem cell technology, to help nurture hair follicles and encourage hair growth.
Scandinavian Biolabs Serum
This potent serum contains three standout ingredients; Capilia Longa, Vanillyl Butyl Ether, and Niacinamide. Niacinamide, in particular, has been studied for its potential benefits in promoting hair health, but the evidence regarding its direct role in hair growth is somewhat limited. With that said, it has shown to help stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which can help with hair growth. 

Having inspected the product and its additives, it could be said that Bio-Pilixin® Serum is one of the better and more effective hair growth serums on the market, although, it's not likely to be as effective as keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) serum. 

At £42.00, this serum charts at the higher end of the spectrum. Results will vary from person to person, but overall, the Bio-Pilixin® Serum is worth trying, as it contains a good range of ingredients, and is favourably reviewed by its users. This serum would also make a safe alternative to harsh topical solutions like minoxidil. 

Hair Nutrient Tablets

Hair Nutrient Tablets are formulated with a blend of apple extract in combination with horsetail extract and amino acids. It is a concentrated source of B-vitamins and C-vitamins. The formulation includes zinc, which contributes to the maintenance of your normal hair, and riboflavin which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. They are formulated to supplement a varied diet. It is recommended to take 2 tablets a day.
Scandinavian Biolabs hair growth products review
If you have specific dietary restrictions, deficiencies, or other health concerns, a multivitamin supplements might be considered. By looking at this supplement and its additives, it would be safe to say that this will in no way treat any type of hair loss in men and women. 

This formula is not broad enough for it to be effective for treating hair loss, and at £32.00, this does seem to be grossly overpriced. With the exception of horsetail, this formula lacks key extracts that can block the formation of DHT, so a multivitamin supplement like this is very limited in its performance. 

If you're looking for a more effective supplement that targets hair loss at the root cause, then you should opt for a more advanced formula like EP4, or HR23+, for optimal results. 

Hair Strength Shampoo

The Hair Strength Shampoo is designed with ingredients inspired by nature to provide a high-quality gentle shampoo. Carefully crafted by experts to help reduce excessive sebum and encourage a balanced scalp. It can help enhance stronger and more vibrant hair and encourage the hair to feel fresh with a pleasant eucalyptus aroma. 
Scandinavian Biolabs hair growth products review
Shampoos alone are unlikely to completely reverse significant hair loss, especially in cases of genetic baldness or certain medical conditions. However, some shampoos contain ingredients that may support scalp health and contribute to a healthier environment for hair growth.

Remember that individual responses to hair loss treatments can vary, and results may not be guaranteed. It's also crucial to address the underlying cause of hair loss, whether it's genetic, hormonal, or due to other factors.

Shampoos will not cure or treat hair loss, but like this one, they can work well alongside a potent serum, supplement, or as part of a good treatment plan. 

Hair Recovery Conditioner

The Hair Recovery Conditioner is designed with ingredients inspired by nature to help improve smoothness, help enhance durability and help reduce hair breakage. Carefully crafted to help restore weak hair and support the protection of damaged strands. The conditioner beneficially supplements our Hair Strength Shampoo to help enhance scalp and hair vitality.
Scandinavian Biolabs hair growth products review
Much like shampoos, conditioners do not treat or cure hair loss, however, they can work well alongside treatments, or as part of a good treatment plan, to help reduce hair fall, prevent damaged stands, and increase the overall health of the hair. 

The good thing about the Scandinavian Biolabs shampoo and conditioner is that they contain ingredients that stay consistent with their serum, which shows they trust in their formula, and use it to tackle hair loss on multiple fronts. 

Priced at £25.00, the shampoo and conditioner are positioned at the higher end of the spectrum. These are two good products that should be used as part of a hair loss treatment plan.  

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Hair Styling Gel

The Hair Styling Gel has been specifically developed for those who desire a soft hold and high-shine look. Carefully crafted with a blend of ingredients that help deliver a light-weight styling product. Hair Styling Gel is formulated without silicones and fragrance.
Scandinavian Biolabs hair growth products review
It should be noted that this hair styling gel is not a treatment for hair loss, and no do Scandinavian Biolabs claim it to be so. This product is useful to use as a side-kick to your main hair loss treatment, should you have weak hair that suffers from constant styling, and harsh products. 

At £13.00, it's definitely worth a try. 

Hair Protection Oil

The Hair Protection Oil is designed with ingredients inspired by nature to help nourish any type of hair. Carefully crafted by experts with a blend of natural oils intended to provide moisture and help protect the hair strands from heat damage and frizz. Hair Protecting Oil+ is formulated without silicones and fragrance.
Scandinavian Biolabs hair growth products review
This impressive oil uses a key blend of tried and trusted hair beneficiary ingredients like argan oil, vitamin E, and crambe abyssinica, which can help with the prevention of excess hair fall, and enhance the overall health of the scalp. 

Oils do not generally treat hair loss, but they can be effective for the health of the scalp, which in turn helps the hair to flourish and grow. At £25.00, this oil does seem a tad expensive, but if you have a dry scalp which is damaging your hair, then this oil could well be worth a try. 

Scalp Activation Roller

Made with 540 titanium 0.5mm needles, the Scalp Activation Roller is a hand-held microneedling tool intended to stimulate the scalp, encouraging overall scalp and hair support. If new to microneedling, it is encouraged to gradually incorporate the Scalp Activation Roller into your hair care routine. 
Scandinavian Biolabs hair growth products review
Derma rollers, also known as microneedle rollers, are devices that have gained popularity for various skin-related concerns, including potential hair growth stimulation. The concept behind derma rollers is that the tiny needles on the device create micro-injuries on the skin, triggering a natural healing response that may result in increased collagen production and improved blood circulation.

It's important to note that while there is some anecdotal evidence and small-scale studies suggesting potential benefits, the scientific evidence on the effectiveness of derma rollers for hair growth is still limited. More research is needed to establish the safety, efficacy, and optimal techniques for using derma rollers specifically for hair growth.

Hair Hydration Mask +

The Hair Hydration Mask+ focuses on science-backed ingredients, helping tame frizz, strengthen hair fibers and rescue them from breakage – just what dry, damaged strands need. This unique blend of natural oils, a plant-based alternative to silicone, seeks to lock moisture in the hair for a silky smooth, glossy finish. 
Scandinavian Biolabs hair growth products review
Hair masks are typically designed to provide deep conditioning and nourishment to the hair, improving its overall health, shine, and manageability. While a hair mask can contribute to maintaining healthy hair, it's important to note that most hair masks are not formulated specifically to treat hair loss, especially when it is caused by factors like genetics or hormonal changes.

While these ingredients can contribute to healthy-looking hair, they are not a guaranteed solution for addressing hair loss caused by genetic factors, hormonal changes, or medical conditions. If you are experiencing significant hair loss, then this hair mask will not provide you with a solution. 


Hair loss can be caused by various factors, and there are non-medical products that claim to address or treat hair loss. However, it's important to approach such products with caution and scepticism, as the effectiveness of many non-medical treatments like this range is often not supported by scientific evidence and studies. 

There is no doubt that Scandinavian Biolabs has produced some very good hair health products, and some of which can benefit the hair to some extent. However, these products are unlikely to treat hair loss to any great level, and therefore should be taken with caution. They could be a good option if you are suffering from early stages of baldness and thinning hair. 

Overall, I would give Scandinavian Biolabs, as a range, 3 out of 5 stars. 

If you are looking to treat more advanced stages of hair loss with a greater level of efficiency, then you may want to consider a strong hair supplement such as HR23+, or even medical solutions like minoxidil. 

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  1. I've seen this range advertising everywhere, am tempted to give the a try, thanks for the review

  2. The serum looks good, the rest not so much. Seems a bit overpriced


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