Winter Guide for Hair Loss

Winter Guide to Preventing Hair Loss

Many people underestimate the importance of maintaining a good hair health routine throughout the whole year. In fact, many of us fail to realise just how important it is to make slight adjustments to our hair care routine during the different seasons of the year - and the winter season is absolutely no exception.
Here, we take you through four effective steps that you should take this winter in order to keep on top of your hair care routine to get the very best out of your hair.


As we mentioned in our autumn hair loss guide, hair shedding is most common between September to November, but as the months get even colder, shedding becomes less frequent and our hair begins to build a new coat for the winter season. In order to prevent your hair from fulfilling its strongest growth stage of the year, try washing your hair every other day, using less shampoo with perhaps a little more conditioner to help prevent unnecessary damage to your hair that could affect the pattern of follicle growth formation.


As your hair strengthens over the colder months, you should be avoiding anything that can potentially harm this important stage of growth. And that includes anything heat related, such as hair straighteners and hair dryers in particular. We understand combing wet hair can lead to damaged strands, therefore using a hair dryer is hard to avoid completely. So, consider turning the temperature of your hair dryer down slightly, to dry your hair with warm air rather than hot. This little adjustment will allow your hair growth to its full potential throughout the freezing months of the year.


This seems like the most simple tip to take, and that's because it is. With shorter days and longer nights, we tend to sleep a whole lot more in the winter season, and that's great for your hair. By getting plenty of sleep, you are effectively giving your hair more time to flourish. Lots of sleep and rest will result in stronger, thicker and healthier hair.


If you're not one for vitamins, then now is the perfect time to start packing your body with key essential hair nutrients. A healthy diet can only get you so far, so be sure to take natural supplements that contain key hair beneficiary ingredients such as biotin, grapeseed, green tea, folic acid and vitamins A, B, C, D and E. Remember, with the festive season approaching, our diets tend to take a big hit, therefore consuming good vitamins is even more essential for the healthy formation of hair growth.

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